Introducing a new player made origination which is a roleplay of the way how real life militaries work!

Hello everyone! I’m GraphiteGamez, and after months of working and developing a project, me and my friends on my discord server introduce GGC [Graphite Global Corps].

GGC is a war thunder organization in which we have vehicle regiments which have troops in them, and the troops are made up of players. Each regiment has a proper name and a emblem, a few examples are… 6th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, 3rd Jagdgeschwader Regiment, 7th Infantry Fighting Regiment, etc… We also have are own Ranking systems with officers! the officers with the support of other rank holders do Decision making. We also host events where the regiments sent out troops into a really large custom map where troops have to coordinate, sent recognizance, plan attack, etc… Just like real life!

Oh did i forget the fact that we have our own court system is someone goes against the rules, and that we have our own medaling system as well?

GGC is also looking to increase its limits to other parts of the game like training new players, cinematics, testing new features for Gaijin and maybe in the future be a part of Gaijin!

If this all sounds interesting to you and spikes your interest, watch this video Or head on over to my YouTube channel [Name : Graphitegamez] . This video will tell more about GGC and how to join it!

-GraphiteGamez [GG]