Intentional friendly fire in realistic battle

It’s really ridiculous that Friendly Fire is played in the realistic game, for example, you want the game to look real, but it has become a forum to abuse and confuse other players.
It has happened to me thousands of times that I was left by some people mainly because of my account name, which shows my nationality, and the report is not effective, this is not fair.

player : synxzjt
Session id : 1dc188d002cab91

At least change the system in such a way that if you are killed by your teammate, you have the possibility to spawn once again, or to forgive or not forgive the player’s mistake in the game, it is the hand of the attacked player

I can’t tell if this is a report and if it is, do it at the Gaijin Support site. Not here.
Aside that, a better solution is for you to keep an eye on your enemy’s in blue(or any color you have em as)

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the spawn again mechanic is kind of problematic because technically a teammate could exploit it to let you respawn in the same plane even when you’re heavily damaged, maybe RP bonuses for the next match would be more reasonable

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Logically, it’s not too difficult. You can make the mechanic so that it checks if all the damage to your plane is from your team or from the enemy.

Thanks Gaijin For Added this option.