Install a custom sight

Hello everyone.

You find that the standard aiming interface is not to your taste? Would you like to have simpler or more complete sights? Or why not the historical optics for your mythical Tiger tank?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing a customised sight. Follow the guide.

!! Detail !! that tutorial are a traduction with Deepl of my work in french section. Images are in french, copy/past form the original topic.

-1°) Get one (or more) sights.

Go to the Live Warthunder, “sights” section

Here is my personal page with some historical sights and especially a sights pack for shooting with the gunner optic (for SB or all the time if you want).

!!! WARNING!!! You must be logged in with your Gaijin login to see all the items posted on the live.

Once you’ve found the viewfinder you want to use, download it. Keep it handy, you’ll need it later.

-2°) Create the appropriate folder

To install custom sights, you will need to install them in a specific folder in the game directory: Usersights

!!! WARNING!!! Do not try to create this folder by hand in the game directory, it will not be recognised. You have to go through the game’s procedure. Don’t worry, here it is.

Usersights folder creation

!!! WARNING!!! You must have a GROUND vehicle selected in the hangar to see this option.

-3°) Place the viewfinder in the appropriate folder

Let’s have a look at the game repertoire:

Click Here: Usersights Repertoire

Now let’s install the viewfinder. There are two cases here:

-1° The creator of the sight has only put the file relating to the sight. Paste this file into the relevant tank folder.

-2° The sight creator has put the tank folder and already contains the sight file. Unzip the .zip file into the “Usersights” folder.

Click Here: Specific vehicle folder

Once this has been done, return to the game and run a vehicle test. Then use the “Reload custom sight” command (default command: Alt+F9). If the command doesn’t work, it’s because you have a duplicate command (in the game or on your computer). Don’t panic, here’s where you’ll find the command you need:

Click Here: Reload Custom sight command

Once the viewfinders have been loaded, return to the options to select the sight:

Click Here: Select a Sight

!!! WARNING !!! if you assign sights to several tanks, you will have to select the sight for each tank individually (even if it is the same sight).

-4°) Modifying a sight

Feel free to take inspiration from the codes of other viewfinders depending on what you want to achieve (squares, circles, lines, text, etc.).

Click Here: File to modify

I recommend that you use ‘notepad’ (the default program on Windows) to edit the file. Once you have made your changes, save (Ctrl+S) and refresh the vehicle test viewer (Alt+F9 or your custom command) to see the result. You can modify the file while the vehicle test is running to save time.

Click Here: Opened file


If you then want to publish your sights, go to Live War Thunder (WT Live // Best sights for the past week).
Click on "ADD " then "Sight " and follow the instructions.

-5°) The main families of sights

-1° historical sights:

These sights are [almost] identical to the actual tank sights. They should preferably be used with the standard sniper sight (placed at the end of the gun).

In spoiler, the actual sights of the Leclerc and VBCI2 (MCT30):

Click Here: Realistic sight of VBCI 2 (MCT30) and Leclerc

-2° customised sights:

These sights are not historical but improve the visual ergonomics specific to each player. They often contain distance-measuring elements to facilitate long-range telemetry. Very useful for tanks with rocket launchers, as they have a sight for the latter. Best used with the standard sniper sight (placed at the end of the gun).

Click Here: Custom sights

WT Live // Sight by Pope_Shizzle


WT Live // Sight by Miho_San

-3° “Diagonal” sights:

These sights are most often used in SB. They give you the trajectory of the shell and make it easier to compensate for the offset of the barrel in relation to the optic. To be used with the “Shooter’s view through the optic”.
This option is automatically activated in SB but can be used in all game modes by ticking the option below:

Click Here: Option for Sniper view by gunner's optic

Below, the diagonal sight for the Maus:

Click Here: Maus's Diagonal sight

Ci-dessous, le viseur diagonale pour le Sherman Calliope:

Click Here: Calliope diagonal and rocket sight

This is the end of this guide. You now have the keys to using sights other than the one in the game. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion on this guide, and even less to ask any questions you may have.