Ingame achivements not getting checked up in steam


My problem is simple… and not driver related so pls. stop giving me useless advice’s like that, about updating drivers or emptying cache cause it’s not working… give me a proper solution…

The problem is that what I get achievements like landing on carriers and the like are checked in game but not on steam!

do you start the game from Steam directly (not via the launcher / launch manual game update option)
and do you get logged into your WT Steam account / don’t get to see the login screen ?

I use this option
Getting the launcher than push the play button.

that won’t work - even if you login via Steam on the upcoming login page (don’t know if this is even
available anymore). Steam will not show the game as ‘running’ anymore nor will the achievements
be synced or the game time counted on Steam

at least it has been like this for the last few months (may have been changed / fixed in the meantime !?)

you have to use the ‘play war thunder’ option for all Steam features to work BUT if you haven’t
linked your Steam account to your Gaijin account in the past (it’s not possible anymore!) this will log
you into your WT Steam account or even create a completely new one if you haven’t created one before.

hmmm… the more i think about it the less i think that there is an easy way (or at all) to get the achievements on Steam (unless you have your accounts linked or redo them on a new Steam account oO)

maybe you should contact the customer support and ask them if there is a solution to this problem -
in the end i could be completely wrong (and i linked my accounts years ago so no matter what login method i use i always get to the same account. however i still need to start the game via Steam and
use the Steam login to unlock Steam achievements)

It definitely shows that I’m playing!

The account is linked to the steam and vise verse…
Even some of the new achievements are logged correctly but not the carrier on which I achieved also…

Okay it seems that if I just log in via the play war thunder option it synchronizes my achievements… soo weird… anyway that solved my problem… still I like the launcher gives me options to decide how to launch my game… thx for the help