Infinite player lvl/prestige (CoD analog)

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As you may know, in War Thunder there is a player level that can be increased up to level 100 cap (Marshal)
But here’s the problem… There are NO rewards for this leveling, and what’s the most sad - there is NO further leveling.

So i suggest to improve this aspect of the game so that players are more motivated and rewarded for their love of the game.
Add infinite player level after level 100. An example is prestige levels in CoD or mastery stars in Battlefield.

The following can be given out as rewards:

  • crew upgrade points
  • unique decorators/camo/decals/titles
  • additional squadron experience
  • duplicates and boosters
  • improved player profile design

I would like players to offer more options in the comments.

I also want to note that because the level of the player is directly tied to the experience gained, then many who have been playing for a long time (like me) have a huge amount of free experience, which just hangs like a dead weight.
Therefore, for old players, I suggest immediately recalculating this experience into prestige levels.

Thanks for understanding.


Fully support this i’ve been wanting them to expand the player level system for years. might give some additional reward ideas in a bit.

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It’d be nice if this was retroactive to players that have finished multiple tech trees.


The reward is the ability to bully most of the other players in the game with impunity.
But yes. I agree. Number should go up. It will more clearly indicate just how much life Gaijin has sucked out of any particular player.

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Flexing how much life-force WT has stolen… +1

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.