Indiana Jones 1's German flying wing scene

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It would be a interesting vehicle if it was designed/intended to be a very low tier bomber (bombing sight) which would make it very hard for people to complain about it being Over powered

  • 2 Man crew with one being the Rear defensive gunner manning the 1 x “Twin” 7.62 MG15 (actually MG 81)
  • based on the sketch (5 engine concept sketch) it looks like they would have slapped 2x 250kg bombs under the wing bends… not impressive payload really and right in line with the Do 17’s
  • Jumo 210 engines producing anywhere from 681hp for takeoff to 690hp max which the most direct comparison would be the Do 17 E-1with BMW IV 7.3’s producing 750hp and max power at 585hp or the Do 17 Z-2 with 745hp max power and 1035hp at takeoff so its top speed should be around 357km/h
  • fixed landing gear like the Ju 87
  • 2 x 20mm MG FF cannons fixed mount so its drum fed with capacities of 30,45,60,90 round drums so a maximum of 180 rounds
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It’s fictional though, and based off a trainer which had no weapons.

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So are the R2Y2 and the Ho-Ri Prototype

Well then, LETS DO THIS!

Isn’t the whole point of this game to try and be historically accurate? Yes I know that there are vehicles in game that are not, but this seems a little far, even by WT standards. Kinda like how the Panther 2 is modeled in game, or the later R2Y2

The historically accurate ship metaphorically and litterally has sailed a long long time ago… planes that never had equipment have equipment that was never installed, Ships that were never built but had plans are now sporting weaponry that wasn’t in those same plans…

Heck Id wager 99% of twin-engine-or-more bombers are missing vast amounts of historical loadouts.

Even more so, Id rather complete junk fake vehicles be time limited event vehicles than real vehicles that down right deserve and should be in the regular tech tree…