Increase the upper limit of camouflage magnification(200%→800%)

camouflage in the game has the function of adjusting the size, which can be freely adjusted by players.
although current camouflage can support a 200% magnification
but many coatings still cannot reproduce the size and effect in reality
and when different vehicles use the same coating ,there is a difference in the size of the scaling that can be performed
so I recommendation to increase the magnification of the camouflage coating to 800%.
the reduction factor remains unchanged.
this will help players better decorate their vehicles

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case: China tricolor camouflage
It can be seen that the size of color blocks in reality is much larger than in games.
even if the camouflage magnification is maximized, the effect cannot be achieved
considering that the larger the size of these color blocks, the more aesthetically pleasing they may look.
so i suggest increasing the magnification to 800. To meet greater needs

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