Increase RWR volume an add a seperate volume slider in options

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This suggestion is to increase the Radar Warning Receiver max volume, and to add a volume slider in options so people can raise or lower it.

Why should RWR get it’s own volume slider?
The audio warning for RWR is an essential component for understanding threat levels while maintaining situational awareness (you don’t need to focus on the display all the time). This audio cue is especially important for game modes such as simulator mode.
That being said for some people the display is enough and the audio warning is a headache to listen to (especially when friendly radar pings also trigger this audio - yes airfields I’m looking at you).

Thus you get a situation where for some the volume is too quiet, and can barely be heard over the engine(s), or the opposite is true where constantly hearing the RWR tone is frustrating and annoying to listen to. Having a seperate volume slider would fix these issues and be a nice quality of life improvement.


This would allow players to be more aware, since some RWR sounds are muffled behind fighting. I would also love to see RWRs getting more functions, like it showing incoming radar missile warnings and the distance of incoming missile. (on modern aircraft that had these functionalities of course)


Hey ByEmirReyiz,

I think it would also be awesome if we got a more thorough implementation of the various RWR types in game. Radar Warning Receivers have already gotten an upgrade in modelling to represent the precision and nature of threat id (ie some RWRs show distance, and some RWRs are more precise with the threat direction). I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw RWR get more upgrades, especially as more modern aircraft are added.

That being said I saw this as a simple yet effective measure to improve in game awareness and defensive flying and I think it’s important to keep suggestions specific and concise, and focus on key elements first.



Yes would love to see this +1

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me NEED this

I would love to see this added to the game. I would also like to get an RWR mute button, So I can mute it when landing on an airfield and easily unmute when I leave.

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I would add that more realistic sounds should be added.

As well as warnings for after firing and IFF indicators.

All based on the advancement and generation of the RWR system.

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definitely, especially for those who play first person, it gives more sense of what is going on ESPECIALLY because most people don’t know if a missile is launched at them or whether or not their aircraft is being locked.

Well with the update the volume slider has been added, alongside a more detailed implementation of RWR! With that I shall close the poll. Hurrah!

07 nice job

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