Incorrect crew voices and name for the SK-105A2 and JaPz.K A2

While playing the SK-105A2 (the Austrian/French variant), I’ve noticed that the crew speaks French, despite it being an Austrian vehicle and German voice lines already existing in the game. Additionally, the names of the JaPz.K A2 and SK-105A2 should be switched, since the former was known in Austria as the “Jagpanzer Kürassier A2”.

Addressing these minor issues should be easy and would make the game a bit more accurate :)

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Actually a good point, this has been bugging me for a while now when playing the Jagdpanzer Kürassier.

I would love to see gaijin fix this small error, its a minute detail, but it does take away from the overall experience playing the vehicle, especially as it is one of my favourite vehicles which I have seen in real life quite a few times.
Lets hope the Snail notices your post and fixes the issue.

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it was fixed, the crew speaks in German :)