Inconsistency between guided missiles

With most missile carriers there is a limit to how fast you can go before the missile can be fired. There several exceptions to this and they’re found usually in Soviet machines.
The three that comes to mind for me is the 3M7 (IT-1), 9M133 (BMP-2M), and Rubin (Obj 775).
However there are some very similar vehicles that do not have “Shoot on the go”.
These include the ADATS, ZT3A1/A2, Starstreak HVM (Stormer HVM) and TOW (a lot of things).
I don’t know if this is Russian bias or whether I’m stupid. Can someone explain how shoot on the move can work and if the ADATS lacking it is correct.

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If i remember right it has somethings to do with “missiles laucher” or guided system didn’t have stabilizer
For wire-Guided missiles. While vehicles are moving it can disrupt or tangle the wires when they get caught by other object.

This aren’t as much as a problem while using on helicopters due to them being elevated so the wire shouldn’t be able to get caught anything under normal circumstances.
As for others missiles they might be using Beam riding , Laser , Radio guided. So they didn’t have the problem like wire-Guided missiles.

Not that they can’t fire at all while moving (But i assume some system might had its trigger lock by auto) .
So at most it’s more like they’re told/instruct not to fire ATGM / Guided missiles while moving.

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So then the Stormer should get shoot on the move (Laser guided and stabilised) along with the ZT3 (beam riding and stabilised). The ADATS isn’t stabilised but it it does have beam riding missiles. I wonder if it had a stabiliser.

Yes for ZT3A2 . There are bug report in the old forum.

As for Stormer it should have no problem launch its missile while moving. Unless Gaijin or others has Stormer manual or source that could show that Stormer has some sort of mechanics to prevent it from firing while moving.
Same as ADATS even if they had no stabilizer. Technically it should still be able to shoot missiles on the move if there are no mechanics to prevent it.
But i assume that it’s just instruction that told/taught the gunner not to fire missiles while moving.

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