Incomplete testflights

not all testflight wil you meet enemy aircraft , after how many years of game ?, please make the test flights more interesting!, put in a base to test how many bombs, put in fast planes and slower ones to test the plane more intense , in short it needs improvement !

That work for ground test too … We can’t move properly, we have a such limited situations and distance for tests weapons…

Absolutely this. I’d like to see a mix - I’m mostly aviation, so going in to test a fighter (or preview/test a premium before buying) and just seeing ground targets doesn’t help, or the only air targets being friendly while in a fighter - sure, I can see how it maneuvers, but that’s about it.

A selection of test flights without having to try to make a custom mission (which, itself, doesn’t give all the options you might want - I don’t necessarily want to fly against a gaggle of one type of aircraft with another) would be nice.

Say, “Bombing - Land” having the usual mix of howitzers, stationary and moving vehicles and a base or two, “Bombing-mixed” adding ships to bomb and/or torpedo, “Bombing - resisted” adding fighters so you can get a feel for things like your blind spots (or… frankly just practice shooting from a bomber,) “Fighter - air” going against a mix of opposing fighters, attack aircraft and bombers, “Fighter/mixed” giving that plus ground targets of various sorts - basically let us really get a feel for the various things the aircraft can (and can’t) do.

(Obviously since these are test flights, nobody’s getting any sort of boost to their research or cash.)

Giving some of the options in the custom missions would be nice as well.

(While we’re at it, can we maybe change loadouts after changing aircraft or landing? Yes, you can exit and create a new test flight, but it’d be nice to not have to.)