Inaccuracies of some italian light cruisers

I wanted to briefly correct some inconsistecies that are present in the current model (As of update La Roylae) of the italian light cruiser Duca degli Abruzzi.
Basically the ship in is current state has two main flaws:

  1. For the 152/55 the Bursiting charges of his AP and HE shells are considerably underweight, beeing at 0.84Kg and 2.39Kg respectevely while in real life they had 1.69Kg for the AP round and 5.34Kg for the HE round, that’s a significant decrease in explosive weight that negatevely affects the performance of the ship.
  2. The ship still lacks a float plane even though it had for in real life, and in his current configuration in the game both catapults are missing from the model and have beeing replaced by some boats.
    I’ll post the following picture to proof my claims.
    It is taken from the book “Le navi da battglia classe Littorio 1937-1948” (Eng: The Littorio class battleships 1937-1948) which is the most reliable source of information about these ships (the battleships I mean), and since the secondary armament of these ships utilised the same guns of the Abruzzi’s main armament, both using the 152mm 55 caliber gun (and also shared the same triple turret design) it’s unreasonable to think that one ship would have use one type of ammo but the other not since they both shared the same production line for shells.
    For the scout planes there are plenty of photos and documents online that show the Abruzzi class having them, don’t really know why they aren’t modelled in the game.
    152-55 nuovo
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The bursting charges are worth bug reporting, just post on forums wont do much.

In case of the hydroplanes, in the game she might be im her late 1944 refit where as far as I can find lost the plane facilities and torpedoes but received aditional 100mm guns (2x1). But she still has torpedoes and doesn’t have the aditional 100mm. So the model is a mess

I agree with you the model has probably been put in to the game while still unfinished.
For the scout planes, as long as I am aware, the catapults were removed in 1945 along with the torpedo tubes and even if they had been removed in 1944 it doesen’t explain why the tubes are still there.

Yes, we mean same refit the year in the end doesn’t really matter. Its just that the year of modification matches with what I found regarding the catapults.

Maybe they missed the refit and went just based on images? It is easier to miss torpedoes on the image then the catapult. Who knows.

Try to bug report it.

Everything is correct as it is currently. The bursting charges are supposed to be percentages, not kilograms. Abruzzi current configuration also represent her historical counterpart.

Hello when you are here do you have anything regarding this: [Discussion] Improving Naval! - #95 by Spinflight

You can file a bug report if you will with accurate demonstration of the difference between in-game and IRL that shows major discrepancy between flight time values.

Hello thank for answering.
Don’t really understand what you mena with percentages but in the game explosive of the bursting charge is defenetely in kilograms (or their sub units like the gram).
For the configuration no I don’t think it’s right, if you let the year aside for a moment there’s still the issue of the torpedo tubes and the fact that in her service with the cobelligerant Italian navy (after the armistice of Cassabile when Italy switched sides to the Allies) the ship was fitted with a more modern English radar while in the game it still has the older german leased radar “Da-Te”.

They should be X.YZ %, not kg.

But is a measure of weight, why should be in % also both on the stat card of the shell and on War Thunder wiki it is in kilograms.

I am saying the text in the book is wrong.

About the configuration.

In game Abruzzi is in her 1944 configuration.

Here is a photo of Abruzzi in 1944 where you can see :

-no additional 100/47 guns
-the torpedo tubes are still there
-the German De.Te is still there
-there are no planes (and no catapults but former catapults spot is covered by the crew here)

The photo is from “le navi da guerra italiane 1940-1945” by Bagnasco, Cernuschi
The text from “O.M. 8-I, Incrociatori leggeri classe Luigi di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi” by Gay.