Inability to test vehicle loadout options

First you need to research the whole tree to even test drive a vehicle because reasons, and then you still cannot actually test the weapon options anyways, what is the point? The only time you can test something is if you already own and unlocked it anyways and then this garbage test drive/flight map is utterly pointless anyways with 1 or 2 targets in there.

It baffles me that these restrictions are in place where I really fail to see the benefit from it, I’m not going to spend money on something because you don’t let me test something, it’s just degrades the quality of the game by missing basic features and functionality, we lack that enough already as it is.

I should be able to test flight a vehicle, and when I select ‘reference’ where it states that it’s a fully functional vehicle with all modification unlocked, it should actually have all modifications unlocked.

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