In-game Strv m/42 EH has A lot of errors

Ill be refering to Chieftains video of the Ikv 73 semi-converted to a Strv 42 again. And after double checking with manuals and blueprints,

These are the things Gaijin got wrong with the Strv 42

Loader error and facts



This is outright wrong, the “Machine gunner” is the loader!

Additionally the loader could aim the dual 8mm ksp m/39 machine guns himself.

Quick Ready rack & 1st stage ammo for loader

  • The Loader had a ready-rack with two rounds to the right of him in a ready position.
    (See here)
    Additionally another 10 located in positions near him reachable without leaving his seat.
    (see here)

So my guess is that the loader could load the first two rounds in 3-5 seconds, then the following turret basket rounds in 6-8 seconds, that’s currently in-game with around 7 seconds.

Gunner errors and facts


Gunner Scope


The periscopic sight with 1.795 magnification with a 40 degree field of view. It is linked to the main gun and can be used as the main sight. Very useful for scanning for targets in a turret down position.

This used to be the In-game main sight for the Strv 42 EH, but instead now the auxiliary sight is used.

The auxiliary sight is a elbow sight telescope right next to the main gun. And it is also 1.7 magnification, although a narrower field of view (28 degrees).

Gunner Electronic turret traverse
The gunner had a electronic turret traverse system in-between the periscopic sight and the auxiliary sight.

Commander errors and facts

Rear machinegun not even moddeled or functional, then most hull/Non coaxial machineguns are.