Improvements to War Thunder's Infrared Simulation

This is a counterpart to the radar simulation thread, but for IR missiles.

While Radar missiles are the cool and fancy new toys coming to the game, it’s important to remember the backup to every modern aircraft’s arsenal. The venerable infrared guided missile!

As a first point of discussion, I’ll add this:

IR missiles focus the target’s center of mass, rather than the heat emitting components on the aircraft. While this worked fine before, with the introduction of IRCCM, especially that of the R-73, this inaccuracy can significantly effect the performance of IR missiles.

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Know more problems with IR simulation in War Thunder? Discuss below!


One of the issue i’ve got is that several of the Top tier IR missile (R-27ET/R-73/AIM-9M/Magic2) have very underwelming sensor range compared to reality.
Those missile should be able to find and lock target a lot further away that they’re capable as of now.

As it stands unfortunately, radar missiles (besides the R-27ER) are more of a gimmick than anything because gaijin refuses to model them properly.

Its sad that radar missiles actually felt more reliable back in the days of the AIM-7E/E-2 than they do now, a few months ahead of the AMRAAM/R-77…