Improvements to RWR (weapon's guidance tone + audio settings)

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There are many planes in the game that IRL could differentiate between a simple STT lock (Single Target Tracking) and a modulated weapon’s guidance signal that only goes up when a Fox-1 missile is launched or when a Fox-3 missile goes pitbull. My suggestion is to improve the current RWR by adding this feature.

Currently in the game, in an aircraft like the MiG-29 for example we have a sound and a visual representation of two RWR states:

  • Being pinged by radar: Directional blinking indication in the RWR screen coupled with short audio tone every time a radar beam hits the aircraft.
  • Being locked by radar: Directional solid indication in the RWR screen coupled with continuous audio tone.

There’s a third state we’re missing:

  • Being tracked for/by a radar missile: Directional rapidly flashing indication in the RWR screen coupled with high frequency alarm tone. Sometimes accompanied by flashing caution lights in the cockpit.

This missile launch RWR alert is essential for determining the moment a missile was actually launched at you, as well as identifying when a Fox-3 missile turned on it’s own radar for terminal guidance.

Another improvement I would like to suggest is to add more audio options for RWR, starting with a dedicated audio slider, currently the RWR is way too low for my own preference, but raising it too much might make it annoying, so let us choose.
Also, would be great to see more audio tone options for RWR, for example a “Western” setting for the current one that’s based on the F-14 RWR and then a new “Eastern” setting based on the MiG-29 RWR audio.

The F-16 even has different sounds for different radars and can display the type with the exception of the Sukhoi 27/33/35 and the MiG-29 as they use the same radar. There were limitations on the number of threats it could show though.

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Same for the Viggen, it has many distinct beeps for different kinds of radar. (In DCS I usually turned off the sounds tho, relied on lights only, the sounds get really annoying after a while)

Gaijin should also add a range of RWRs based on tech, for example many older RWRs used an LED system that only gave a very rough direction, eg one of 8 lights representing signals from dead ahead round to forward left. The oldest RWRs would only give a tone for signal type and a tone for PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency), ie are you being scanned or are your being tracked - no direction info is given.