Improvement of Reload Systems

This is more or less a thought I had; I can’t make a pretty or intricate post like some of the other ones I’ve seen, so sorry if it’s not interesting.

I believe War Thunder needs a new reloading system. When I say this, I am talking about the following:

  1. Changing shell types after loading
  2. Manually starting the ready rack restock
  3. Guidance cut off and reload for missile reloading style AAs

1. Changing shell types after loading
Currently, the only way you can change shells after it’s been reloaded is to fire the currently loaded shell, and then change the ammo type. I’m not a huge military maniac, but I think it’s possible to open the breech again to take out the shell and load whatever you actually want in the breech(Sorry if this isn’t true). This mechanic may help tanks that don’t have much ammunition.
Implamenting in-game
This mechanic may be as simple as adding a reload key bind, allowing players to first select the round they want to fire next(Same as current), and if they want to actually change the shell without firing, the player can just hit the reload key bind.

2. Manually starting the ready rack restock
Sometimes while playing ground battles, it feels like the ready rack restock takes forever to restart. I’m sure there are some payers that died because of the ready rack restock taking forever to start. I also know some tanks have a small ready rack+fast reload(Ex. Type 10, Leclerc), so players take some extra rounds that are stored in secondary racks. This mechanic simply solves that by allowing the player to manually start the restock whenever they feel like it is necessary, improving shell availability and survivability by immediately moving the shells in the secondary racks to the ready rack. I feel like it’s a good feature to have on top of the current automatic restock.
Implamentng in-game
This mechanic may also be as simple as a key bind. Simply hit the key that you binded the action to, and the restock starts. I believe it is a good mechanic to have on top of the current automatic restock.

3. Guidance cut off and reload for reloading style AAs
This is more or less focused on the Roland AA system. Currently, you have to wait for the missile to either hit its target or self-destruct in order for the reload to start. I’m sure some people experienced dying because they couldn’t reload because of this system. My suggestion is to allow the Roland systems and any other AAs in the future with a missile loading system(Or any other current ones that I missed) to have a mechanic that allows to cut off guidance and start the reload process whenever the player deems necessary.
Implamenting in-game
This mechanic could also be as simple as clicking the firing button again to cut off tracking. I feel like the missile reloading style AAs could benefit massively if this is implemented.

Those were the 3 thoughts I had about the current reload system. Like I said in the beginning, I’m new to the forum so sorry that it’s not fancy or easy to read like some of the other ones.

This suggestion was revoked twice, either because it was irrelevant, badly formatted, I don’t know. However, if someone with more forum knowledge else wants to suggest to the devs about this, feel free to do so.


I fully agree to all these points. +1


It isn’t true. The method for unloading a gun in combat is to fire it. Some tanks, like T-72s etc. can’t even be unloaded at all without putting a staff together and pushing it back into the breech.

You really REALLY don’t want realistic ready rack replenishment.

Many missile systems esp. SACLOS have guidance components built into the launcher assembly. During and engagement, its moving and twitching, which makes reloading… problematic. Missile cut off is usually to fly it into the ground.

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Genuinely didn’t know about #1 and #3. Thanks for the input.
I can also see how #2 can make things bad, the game is already sweaty enough lol

Ready racks as a bunch of nonsense anyways, some tanks require 40+ seconds to load a single shell, like a lot of the Japanese tanks have insanely slow read racks compared to other MBTs to nerf their reload speed for example.

Also reloading should be a thing for autocannons/SPAA, sitting at 15/100 rounds in your gun forces you to empty your ammo into a wall or something so reload can start.


yea totaly

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Leclerc should get 5 seconds of reload but only get 6 in War Thunder, which is lower than Abrams & Challenger 2s, and the same speed as Leopard 2s, STRV-122s and Arietes. I don’t see how that’s fast

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Where did you get this information, non autoloaders should be perfectly capable to Remove round from the breach, and load another. sure it faster to just faster to fire the loaded round, but should still be technically possible.

here is an example (ambush): you have HEAT loaded and you see a Heavily ERA’d tank approaching with APS, you also know this tank has a LWS with auto deploys smoke in the direction of the LRF. in this situation i would rather “reload” an APFSDS round, then fire and reveal my position.

There was also a video on YT where LEO2 fired on T series, which from the detonation was HEAT, but he also hit the Smoke launcher, so the target was obscured be the smoke for follow up shots.

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I’d explain why you are incorrect. But you, or the rest of the wishitwerelikeiwanna peanut gallery would just quibble and argue.
So I’m just going to go with “That’s just the way it is.”

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This may sound a bit unfair, but I think this could still work as long as its implemented on vehicles that can unload its loaded round IRL. Vehicles that can’t easily do so simply won’t be able to do it in the game either.
Unfair? maybe. But it could be one more of those authentic elements that could be represented in the game, and make vehicles more interesting. Some vehicles would benefit, others would not. But really, I don’t think it would be a huge gamebreaker, more of a nice addition for those vehicles that can do it.

I don’t think he was asking for pure realism across the board here, just to be able to toggle the start of the first stage ammo stowage replenishment. :)

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Would be better to just lower the start time of the ready rack replenishment, because why would you want to delay it and manually start it?

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because you can’t
most of NATO tanks uses combustible casing, means that the casing except the bottom part of the primer is gone when fired. which mean that if you forcefuly extract an already loaded round, it will break and stuck in the chamber, which mean you need to ram the stuck round from the outside from the barrel.

the T series got 2 piece if ammo, meaning even if you extract the charges, the ammo it self still stuck in the chamber. and you need to get out from the tank and ram the round off the chamber.


To manually start it you can gain valuable seconds instead of waiting for it. This is especially valuable for autoloaders which are SOL if their autoloaders deplete lol.

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*can get stuck in the chamber.

Which is why loading a round is often a commitment to fire it. It can however be unloaded from my understanding, you usually wont because why would you load a round you werent gonna fire? (Also its likely broken if you do)

For gameplay purposes i dont see why this would stop one from extracting and switching ammo. Just model the shell to be broken if its done to “balance” for that fact.


the thing is if the round broken you need to extract it right? basically make the chamber or in this case breech “broken”. guess what? you need to “repair” it. so, instead of shooting your ammo and reload for 4 to 7.2 second, you need to repair it AND then reload the ammo. double the length of reload.

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Yeah its likely “broken” After you extract it. As in you will likely dispose of it and not fire it later. The round could be perfectly fine.

Warthunder models things “optimally”. We dont have failure to load (except overheat), failure to fire, or many other “it can happen” events that are realistic.

I dont see why we need to model “failure to unload” when we dont for everything else. I can however see one “nerfing” Combustable casing with the fact they will post unload nolonger be usable.

That is a choice for the player to make. Same way a player can choose to change ammo type once its 95% done to restart the reload. i can choose to take the long reload

If im playing stealthy (or im a one-shot) , i will put very high value on being able to choose the right ammunition at the right time for the right target

As explained you are asking for something we dont model elsewhere, i dont see why we suddenly should in this scenario.

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Sorry it’s almost midnight here so I’ll be brief and probably have a barely working brain at this point. So my reply above most likely does not make sense

I guess it’s possible for manual loader, since auto loader will definitely push the round as hard as it can get, so 100% stuck there.

I personaly more of a fan of a button where you can turn on and off reloading, and empty chamber at the start of the match

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Most modern tank that use ammo with combustible casing doesn’t normally unload live shell.
As other might already point out because their ammo casing are easy to get damage more than metal case round . (imagine if you end up damage the casing and the propellant start falling all over the place while you’re in the middle of battlefield. You don’t want that to happen)

So normally they would just fire it away even if it was a misfire round


As for metal case round we did have manual doc on some tank that use ammo with metal case (i’ve seen one for M47 Patton) state that they did have manual shell eject system.
However ex-M47 crew also said that they would just fire it away.
I understand that. As they normally roaming around with empty chamber before commander call out the targets for gunner then give order to loader to load the gun with the round he want.
I would also suggest a system where you can choose to run around with empty chamber.

About the current auto relocate and reload ( load round into vehicles) are ok to have as they did help reduce player work load. But it wouldn’t hurt to have manual reload ( load round into vehicles) button.

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