Improved italian F-16ADF armament

Hello everyone, with the new addition of the Hungarian line, we now have both a MiG-29 at 12.0 and a Gripen at 12.7 therefore I’m proposing to add the AIM-9L/I to the F-16 ADF and move it to 12.3 where Italy doesn’t have airplanes right now.

I think this would be sensible as the F-15 already has AIM-9M(AIM-9L/I is comparable to an M6) but at the same time the ADF doesn’t have the capabilities of the C nor the D that makes them 12.7.
This would be a good first improvement to the armament of the ADF considering the fact that it should receive AMRAAM in the future and if in doing so, the devs can always introduce an F-16B Block 10 to fill the space.

About the missile in italian service:


The AIM-9L/I and the AIM-9L/I-1 where already in italian service all the way back on the F-104S ASA-M:
The manuals for the missile were received back in the 92 for the first time:
And we still received manuals about the AIM-9L/I-1 back in 2022:

F-16 spotted with AIM-9L/I:


AIM9L/I being comparable to the AIM-9M by US sources:


Ingame it should probably be comparable to the AIM-9M iircm wise but without the smokeless motor and with only 30G of overload.

Italian procurement docs
F-104S ASA-M manual
Armament Coproduction at a Crossroads


but why would you want AIM9L/i for the F16 ADF if you are getting the gripen C that can carry aim9ms ?

In my opinion, there’s a possibility that gaijin could add AIM-9L/i with AIM-120B & AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM on F-16A Block 15 ADF and increase BR to 12.7 for second major update


Why would US players want the AIM-9M on the F-15A when they have the F-16C?


be cause the f15 was added when the AIM9M was already in the game and it made no sense what so ever to not add the F15 without AIM9M.

+1 I would love to see the Italian F-16 reach its full potential and get the AIM-9L-i and AIM-120A/B/C-5. Would be a great 12.3 -.7 aircraft.


The ADF should get the armaments it had in real life,…





And why the Italian F16 should not get those as well? Dude at 11.3/12.0 there are alredy mig29 and Tornado ADV, Your points doesn’t make any sense.

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Did the Italian F-16 use the Sparrow? Everything I’ve ever seen/read never mentions the Italians using Sparrows on their F-16s, nor have I heard of em even buying more modern sparrows(with the Skyflash TEMP being the last variant they bought for the Tornado ADV).

Like, ik in-game we have the Sparrow right now at least temporarily, but I thought that due to the modifications done to the ADF for the AMRAAM before being given to the Italians that the radar lost the CW mode necessary for guiding the Sparrows.

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Yup never used the sparrow nor had the electronics installed for it. The devs are familiar with the issue and have spoken out about it. At this point I’m pretty indifferent on the AIM-9L-Is, just at least give it the AIM-120As. (Though it could carry up to the C-5s)

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The Italian F-16ADF without Sparrow and only 9L would be 11.3

Except the F-16 that only has 9Ls in the US tree is still 12.0.

You can make an argument for ground armament but even then it’d be the same in air with the upcoming ground/air BR split

Tornado F3 and ADV with 4 9L and 4 SuperTEMP are 11.3

That’s right, the ADF in active service used Aim-9L/i-1(the F104S-ASA, Tornado ADV/IDS, F2000A used the 9L/i-1) and Aim-120C-5.

But in my opinion, it should keep the sparrow and the normal 9L as stock missiles, alongside Aim120B, otherwise you unlock a plane with stock missile, like Aim-9L/i-1 and Aim-120C-5, that would be kinda unusuall for Gijin.

For the Tornado ADV, if the super Temp gets removed, it should get the Aim9L/i-1 like it used to have in active service and maybe Aim120, but than you would lose a 11.3br plane for Italy.

I think the ADV should stay like it is.

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The Tornadoes also fly like shit compared to an F-16.

I agree with the sparrow and L stock, just give it the L-I and AIM-120A to grind to.


Four 9L and four SuperTEMP even on a Tornado can guarantee you 4 kills, just fly it smart.


The best bet is to get a second F-16 ADF, equipped with its later armaments like AMRAAMs and 9Li’s/9Ms. Best I can tell, gaijin want to keep the current vehicle at its BR so won’t add better armaments.

The best choice would be to have an F-16B Block 10 at 12.0 and move the F-16A ADF with all the weaponry at an higher BR.
Unfortunately the ADF is the best F-16 we had in inventory.


I see them adding an F-16 ADF (late) and renaming the current one to F-16 ADF (early) before they ever do that