Improved Chaparral vs helicopters bug?

Chaparral which is 9.3 can not track helicopters from more than 2 km, but they can shoot from ~5, ~6 km.
What is the sense to put defenceless anti aircraft opposite to helicopters??

Today I had 7 fights (AB) in a row with helicopters and guess what? Did not lock any of them.

Most of IR missiles are seriously underperforming against helicopters, and by the looks of it, Gaijin doesn’t care at all.


yeah IR guided missiles are practically worthless against helicopters. For some reason their IRCM and thermal suppression systems make them completely unlockable outside of 2 or 3 kilometers

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The Israeli I-Chaparral’s MIM-72G should be able to track and fire against helos at ~8+ km, as was recorded in an IRL test. Please upvote this issue if you want a chance at it being fixed!