Impossible full client download time

I had to make adjustments to my computer and needed to reinstall full client.

I never had issues downloading before but now it is estimating 400 days to download the full client.

What is going on?

This does not happen with any other download.

does or did it happen to be trying to download the “Full Ultra HD” quality textures?

it tried with high graphics and i changed it to low.

after 4 hrs of download the screen shows i downloaded 1.4 gig of the 51.6 gig but my war thunder file has over 30 gig in it from a fresh download?

just went 24,000 days so that is the rest of my life.

Any answers?

might have something to do with internet connection.

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nope, i can stream , youtube, and run other programs at the same time without issue.

the other times i downloaded war thunder it was super fast until now.

is it possible it had something to do with the last update?

everything went really laggy for me after the last update. i was blown up so many times because the fps dropped to 1 or 2 and after i got blown up return to functional levels. i would switch to sniper view and it would black screen for so long i would be blown up when it recovered.

the fps became unstable and was a constant roller coaster.

war thunder was consuming more and more of my hard drive that i was past what was considered stable.

so it sounds like after the last update things went janky. are you on PC or console?
and do you accidentally have multiple copies of war thunder on your hard drive?

i ran revo uninstaller and no war thunder or gaijin showed up?

could there be traces in the registry?

how could this possibly effect download speed?

oops, i have a laptop.

i am running 40 p2p connections and 4 http connections

this tells me i am getting my files from other players while http gaijin is for the most part 0 b/s

even though i have not tried launch the game because i am still down loading my files are getting seeded or leached to other players at 10% of the download rate

Leave it overnight - it is common to get low download rates for a period for unknown reasons… but given enough time things tend to even out.

i decided i will never get a full client and chose to wipe everything and try for the minimal client

when i watch the download and it says the estimated download time is almost 3000 days it tells me gaijin does not care when 4 connections to their servers provide zero bits and i have to rely on stealing from 44 players

everything is based on 10%

on the rare moments when 4 gaijin servers provide some download it is always 10% of the rate from the 44 peers and 10% of that is seeding to somebody else downloading

You can disable that P2P sharing and make it go for just http.

Just disable every option in the launcher settings almost.

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Sorry - I hadn’t noticed you were using p2p connections - my downloads are always just straight from Gaijin, and although they sometimes have short periods of slow connections they always come right.