Impersonation of moderators/game masters

A person claiming to be a moderator messaged me today, this is the screenshot of the message.

this person who was in a squadron called MOD said that I was using foul language in game and soon after this person messaged me I was chatbanned. There was also a console player in this squadron, and I believe that console players can not be moderators. this person said “watch the replay of this game” and provided no information to which game they were referring to. All this seems very suspicious to me and I would like to confirm that these people are not spam reporting and impersonating moderators.

in addition, the persons comment, “cya” seems very unprofessional for a moderator.

He is indeed a mod and member of our Game Master Team. You can also see him listed in the Staff list.

As to the chat ban, I checked and everything seems to be in order.

For future reference: If you have questions regarding a chat ban or a moderator, write to one of the Senior Game Masters (like me) via PM, so we can sort it out.

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Nothing wrong with that: We always keep it friendly and casual around here… = )

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