IMAM Ro.41

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Eng. Giovanni Galasso designed the light single-seater fighter RO.41 for IMAM which was tested on 16 June 1934 by the pilot Nicolò Lana. But at the time of entry into service, 1936, the Ministry preferred the Fiat CR 32 to him and reserved the role of second-period trainer for students who came from the BA 25. It was also distributed to the squadrons as a complementary aircraft and connection. The production of the single-seater since 1937 was joined by that of two-seater planes for flight schools. These were of mixed construction with the fuselage structure in welded steel tubes covered with canvas and light alloy panels, the upper wing in the shape of a gull wing was made of light alloy wood and canvas. The passenger compartment was open in both versions, the fixed trolley with independent fairing wheels. Appreciated by instructors and students, it soon became popular with flight crew. In 1941 the 50th Flock stationed in Tobruk, given the small size of the flight material, occasionally used some RO.41 in protection cruises on population centers and airports, even engaging them in some combat. In addition to IMAM, it was built in the two-seater version also by AVIS and Agusta until 1943. As of 7/31/1943, a number of 443 specimens were still in service at the R.A. In 1949 Agusta, which already owned the license, produced a further series of 25 aircraft bringing the total of RO.41 built to 743 units (510 single-seater and 233 two-seater). Some specimens were used by the R.S.I. The latter were barred in 1952. The addition of the IMAM RO.41 completes the fighter biplanes of the Italian Tech Tree, and would be the first in the IMAM fighter line.


Crew: 1
Length: 6,565 m
Wingspan: 8,810 m
Height: 2,645 m
Wing area: 19,50 m²
Empty weight: 1010 kg
Gross weight: 1288

Powerplant: Piaggio P.VII C.45
Power: 390 hp (287 kW ) at 4500 m
Maximum speed: 322 km/h at 5000 m
Stall speed: 98 km/h
Cruise speed: 254 km/h
Ascent rate: at 3 000 in 4 min 59 s
Range: 570 km
Service ceiling: 7750 m

2 x Breda-SAFAT 7,7 mm machine guns (630 rpg) mounted in the nose


IMAM Ro.41 airplane assembly and adjustment instructions
Nomenclator Catalog for Aircraft IMAM Ro.41


more low tier would be fun

Why not. +1

+1 as a more nimble alternative to the Cr.32. It could also get an additional hungarian camo, since it was used by Hungary too.

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