I'm puzzled by how the real life Sea Fury is considered "the pinnacle of piston fighters", the one we have in game is said to be accurate to the real life, and yet it's so mediocre that many 4.7's can toy with it

The plane is boogazooga, mid as mid can be; it’s fast, yeah, so is most 5.0+s. Is it maneuverable? (say roll, turn, yaw, overall nose authority and handling responsiveness) No, only at certain speeds around 700 IAS. Ahead of that margin you’re a brick, below that margin you’re a brick. It takes YEARS to accelerate to a reasonable speed, it barely climbs better than the j7w1; it gets WHOOPED IN A DOGFIGHT by most things even the do335 (which does everything better than the sea fury, has an airspawn DESPITE SEA FURY IS NAMED “FIGHTER-BOMBER 11”!

another issue is the gun placement in the middle of the wings makes gun convergence really annoying because you’re expected to use the guns far away to avoid any further engagement, but you find yourself needing to snapshot up close when someone is stalled out. Hispano mkV? Well it’s worse than mkII despite it’s higher fire rate and more amount of HEI shells, I don’t know why.

Is the Sea Fury actually overrated in real life? Is it just not really similar to the real life one? Or are the popular 4.7s-5.7’s severely overperforming? (overperform: to perform more than it should from a historical standpoint)

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Peacetime settings ftl

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You’re forgetting the rest of the statement qualifiers:

“The pinnacle of single engine piston fighters for the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm

Every piece of military equipment gets overhyped IRL

Generally Carrier based fighters perform worse in War Thunder than land based interceptors, the Sea Fury is just a Hawker Fury (a revised Tempest) with a lot of additional weight in frame strengthening and carrier equipment for… operating on Carriers.

I don’t think it’s peacetime settings, certainly there’s data out there for a Sea Fury F X running 14lbs/sq.in. boost vs FB 11s 9½ but it was likely downrated to extend the service life. We are talking late '40s post war Britain after all.

I never had much of an issue with the Sea Fury it’s just stuck in the weird place of being like a fat P-51D, it really sucks if you’re flying alone and absolutely excels at energy retention/drag and bag.


honestly I just did a schrimpfle trick:

i put a japanese skin on it and see?



It is using 100/130 fuel engine seettings because it is what every manual says it used.
They should add a mark X with 150 octane or something and it would perform much better.



wow, VTE major and technical moderator, i’m proud of you Metra :)