I'm not a bot, I don't have mods/cheats, I've been banned

En:Hello, dear techs.employees of our favorite game! This morning, when I logged into my account, I was greeted by a frightening message saying that my account was blocked for using mods \ bots.
I would like to refute this information. there are no bots \ cheats \ mods on my account and THERE WERE NONE. I really hope that you can help me to unban my account. Thanks a lot in advance.

Ru:Здравствуйте, уважаемые тех.сотрудники нашей любимой игры! Сегодня утром, когда я зашел на свой аккаунт, меня встречала пугающая надпись о том, что мой аккаунт заблокирован, за использование модов\ботов.
я бы хотел опровергнуть эту информацию. никаких ботов\читов\модов на моём аккаунте НЕТ и НЕ БЫЛО. Я очень надеюсь, что вы сможете помочь мне, разбанить аккаунт. Большое спасибо заранее.

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Its posts like this that fix my cripling depressiong!


But he didndunuffin!


Acktually… looking at a couple of their replays, he’s definitely not using an aim bot. lol

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Hi, dear defs i was playing war thunder and then in middle of the match it kicked me and said : another user is using this account or something like that. i couldnt load for 1 day and then i wrote me: strange activity detected or something like that, change your password. so i changed my password and 2 days later when i logged in i saw this shocking message that i was permanetly banned. Dear devs, could you please do something about this?

i love this game so much, my account is almost old as the game. i would be very sad if i couldnt have my account back, + i putted lot of money in it

yeah i got the same but i noticed about a week ago, changed my password
and got permanetly banned as well. now i don’t know what to do.

prey and hope devs will unbann you. im sorry it happened for you too :,(

if you really loved your account so much, you would have used 2FA after gaijin telling you all the time to use it to not give hackers a chance.

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There is no point in discussing this matter here.
If you have questions about account bans, please get in touch with Gaijin Support.


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