I'm lost on how suggestions work, sorry if I'm just dumb

I am relatively new to the forum, having recently deleting and creating a new account to link to my WarThunder Account, and I have been trying to make a handful of vehicle suggestions.

One of my vehicle suggestions (Willys jeep w T27 rocket launcher), had been approved for posting, however I cant find it anywhere, and when clicking my approval link it shows that my post is privated or doesn’t exist. Is there a posting process I’m unaware of and I’m just dumb? Or is this an error?

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I have also made other suggestions before the approved one, and they are listed as pending, however they were created when i had not been labeled as “trustable”. Are they able to be seen and approved or are they lost? I’ve tried to contact a suggestion moderator but didn’t get a response so I’m here now. Again I’m sorry if I’m wasting time or I’m simply dumb, but I’m just curious, id appreciate a answer, thank you.

This is happening to me as well, and I’m pissed off to put it frankly, I’ve been waiting nearly two weeks for my “approved” suggestion to be posted, and my other four haven’t been approved or declined in the same amount of time

If your suggestion was “Approved” but you can’t find it and the link doesn’t work, it was Denied as its a glitch/limitation of the new forum system.

If you want to know why or curious why you cannot see a suggestion feel free to send a direct message to one of the suggestion moderators which can be found here: