I'm I doing anything wrong with the suggestions I try to post?

So I found a few vehicles that I think would be interesting to have in the game so I made some suggestions, I got the info from wiki with all the specs and history and photos of the vehicles and put the source in so people could find where I got the info and I made sure no one even made a suggestion about it before. And when I sent in the suggestion, a hour went by then it just got removed and I was never told if I did the suggestion wrong or anything. I even went and read the terms and I couldn’t find anything I was doing wrong.

Also I made another suggestion about TOWs having a custom ammo selector with some photos of what it could look like and its been a day of it still pending.
Is there a reason for all this that I missed or is there something else?

You will want to contact a suggestion mod, they can give you more info on why it was rejected.

Do you have to make a report or just DM to ask them?

Please DM a Suggestion Moderator about your questions.