Illogical tech tree location for the french Alpha Jet E

This post is about the Alpha Jet E in the French tech tree

Currently, on the dev server, the Alpha Jet E in the French tree is after the F-86K in the Lend-Lease fighter / interceptor line, but this place doesn’t make sense.

As a reminder, the Alpha Jet is a light attack aircraft. It would therefore make more sense to place it in either the attack aircraft line (3rd column) or the bomber line (4th column). To solve this problem, I suggest moving it either after the F-84F, or after the Vautours folder.

Moving it to one of these locations would avoid inconsistencies in the search tree.




It makes sens if you thought of it as non fully french design but a German-French design.

But if we go in this way, then it’s the Jaguar (UK-french one) that doesn’t make sense.

Now we can also say that German and UK didn’t wanted to tag along each other at the time → explainning why the AlphaJet should not be within Jaguar line.

So, either way it’s kind of fine by me.

Now, we look at the Jaguar line, it makes 3 different aircraft at the same current BR, which might be seen by Gaijin as a problem to grind a techtree but staging at the same BR for that long.

I’m fine with the current implementation as well


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why you talking about the jag man ?

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Read, it’s explainned already,…

Honestly, can you please explain again, it isn’t clear for me. (I get the fact that the Jaguar line has already 2 planes at 9.0 but it don’t understand the rest)

Jaguar is a UK-FRA coop plane, through SEPECAT
AlphaJet is a GER-FRA coop plane between Dassault-Breguet on one side, and Dornier on the other side.

Those are distincts from each other by the cooperating partner nationality on such programs.

→ can be seen as impossible to be set in same line of Techtree.

Ok so that was what I understood! But… it doesn’t make any sense. The “Jaguar line” is not about UK-FRA aircraft, it is about bomber in a first time and then attack aircraft.
However, you are right about the fact that there is already two 9.0 planes which makes it long to grind.

My point was that we can use those argues to make it in the F-8E line.

Yes but F-8E line is like the naval branch

So the last one would be the F-100 line

I think the F-100D and Alpha Jet should swap


Yes definitly it makes much more sense this way for both aircrafts. The super sabre should be after the sabredog!