IL-8, keep or sell?

How many of you are keeping the IL-8 vs. selling? I’m way past that rank in the USSR tree but I don’t think it will go for much on the market. What say the horde? Let it take up space in the “hangar” or see if it sells for more than $10 in 3 years?

Depends on what mode and BR/Tier you play.

I play a lot of Russian Naval Arcade around it’s BR and it’s much better than the Il-2M, but doesn’t get squeezed out by the Pe-8 that sits slightly above it. Basically a very useful gap filler.

Might not be so good in air/ground though, especially in realistic. It’s a dedicated attacker and doesn’t necessarily fit in all lineups as well as perhaps a Fighter Bomber that can do CAP after losing its load. In this case selling may be a better idea.

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I need to grind USSR from the beginning and for me it’s a big keep

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The big bombs are nice and I cannot lie.

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