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Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is the Ilyushin IL-22.


In February 1946, the Ilyushin Design Bureau received a development order to design a jet bomber that would carry four TR-1 jet engines and was named IL-22. This aircraft was partially based on the German He-343 aircraft plan. After design, the aircraft was designed to carry a 3-ton bomb, with a top speed of 718km/h and a maximum takeoff weight of 24 tons. Soon, a prototype of the aircraft was manufactured and ready to begin flight tests.

This was the first aircraft manufactured by the Soviet Union powered by a jet engine, which had significant historical significance in the development of Soviet aircraft, despite its many flaws. Due to being the first exploration, the aircraft inevitably encountered some problems. The insufficient power of the TR-1 engine limits the maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft design from 24 tons to 20 tons, with a takeoff roll distance of 1144 meters and a maximum flight distance of 865 kilometers. The Ilyushin Design Bureau plans to upgrade it later to improve these issues, but it has not been achieved.

In terms of firepower, there is a 23mm machine gun controlled by the pilot under the nose of the aircraft, with 150 rounds of ammunition. The remote-controlled turret on the back of the aircraft is equipped with two 20mm machine guns, with 400 rounds of ammunition. The remote-controlled turret is remotely controlled by a radio operator, and there is a computer simulation trajectory inside the turret to assist in hitting targets. At the same time, there is also a 23mm machine gun arranged at the tail, with a good firing range. The turret could traverse a total of 140 °, elevation 35 °, and depression 30 ° The IL-22 uses a built-in bomb compartment that can carry bombs with a maximum total weight of 3 tons.

After the prototype was manufactured, it underwent its first test flight on July 24, 1947. The test pilot stated that the aircraft had good maneuverability, but due to issues with the TR-1 engine, the power was severely insufficient and affected the range and allowed maximum takeoff weight. So in the later test flights, SR-2 rocket boosters were added to help it obtain greater thrust during takeoff, but the problem of the engine’s low thrust was not solved in a timely manner, so the aircraft did not undergo national acceptance tests. The project was ultimately cancelled and the prototype was dismantled.

In game

The Il 22 has excellent speed and engine performance, and is equipped with a wide range of weapons, capable of carrying up to 3 tons of bombs. There is a 23mm machine gun with forward firepower, and it is also equipped with a 20mm remote-controlled turret to protect itself, with strong firepower. Due to its lack of service, some of the technology obtained from the design was transferred to research the manufacturing of Il-28. Therefore, it is recommended to place it before Il-28, BR 7.0

  • Crew:5
  • Engine: 4 × Lyul’ka TR-1 axial flow turbojet, 12.75 kN (2,870 lbf) thrust each
  • Max speed:718 km/h
  • Landing speed:190 km/h
  • Gross weight:20,000 kg(design target 24,000 kg)
  • Fuel capacity:9,300 kg
  • Ceiling:11100 m
  • Take-off Run:1,144 m
  • Range:865 km
  • Service ceiling:11,100 m
  • Bombs:Maximum 3,000 kg (6,600 lb)
  • Guns:
    1 × 23mm NS-23 Controlled by the pilot(150 rounds)
    2 × 20 mm Berezin B-20(400 rounds)
    1 × 23 mm NS-23 gun in the rear turret(150 rounds)




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looks like a jet version of the tu4


Does seem to have a lot of Tu-4(B-29) DNA.

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I think more like an upscaled Arado 234 C-3, but thats just my opinion :)

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