Ikv 91 Amphibious Capabilities

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Short Story

B&W images from Digital Museum


The Ikv 91, a sweedish light tank was created as a supporting vechicle for the infantry in the army. All the other info can be found in the game stats HERE

Due to the challenging terrain of Sweden, the light tank needed to be able to traverse all kinds of terrain such as mud, dense woods, relatively steep inclines and WATER.


Amphibious Capabilities

At some point in War Thunder the amphibious capabilities of the Ikv 91 were removed with little to no reason mentioned. That made some people mad as this machine has no armor or serious defensive mechanisms. One of the main upsides of the vechicle was and will always be mobility. A part of it was lost together with taking away the amphibious capabilities of the Ikv 91.

Specific Information

As stated in the construction manuals of the Ikv 91 it could be equipped with a extension drum over the exhaust to prevent water from going into the engine and causing it to stop working.


Further into the manual we are greeted with a mention of the speed of the tank in water.


Ikv 91 would be propelled in water using its tracks which were adapted to allow it to do so. In the manuals we can’t find exactly how the tank was prepared for traversing water but we know that the preparation could have been done before the deployment into the batte/training.

There are multiple photos of the Ikv 91 traversing water with the same modification which would be the extension drum for the exhaust in the form of a box made out of some sort of metal.




Suggestion for a way to bring the amphibious capabilities back

As for the moment, in War Thunder we only see amphibious vechicles which do not need any outside modifications on site to be able to traverse water. In the situation of the Ikv 91 there could be a way to make it float again.

Ikv 91 had a drainage pumps system

Solve Suggestion

All vechicles in War Thunder have researchable modifications that give them certain abilities/upgrade existing ones such as: laser rangefinder, elevation mechanism, Vismod. In this case there could be a researchable modificiaon which you could equip or remove as any other modification. The consequence, of installing the exhaust drum extension, would be a very slightly lower top speed (due to mass increase) and bigger figure which would expose the tank more than without it.

The instillation could be done before deployment and would not require any actions on the outside except for deploying the front flap but that could be done from the drivers hatch as many other vechicles in game do.

As the Ikv 91 already wandered all the way to BR 7.7, increase in mobility by making a modification that would allow traversing trough water would make the tank both more historically accurate (as the amphibious part was one of its most important features) and mobile but at the same time a little more visible to enemies and vulnerable to HE and similar shells.

If you need any further proof of the amphibious capabilities or how it worked, tell me in the comments. All critique will be appreciated.

Huge thanks go to LonkFromThePast for providing me with the manuals and info about amphibious capabilities.


Getting more amphibious options/ vehicles would be nice, especially if I could get my DD sherman


The issue is Gajin does not accept vechicles that need preparation before going into the water, tho it could be skipped with additional modifications for vechicles that are not affected while driving by the modification for amphibious option

For vehicles like the DD Sherman, this could simply be a preparation timer and a basic animation.

Vehicle in “normal” combat ready state
Sherman DD

Approach river, press key-binding to start swimming preparation. Wait approx 15 seconds as the screen is lifted. Aaaaand voilà!

Now swim to the other side, and do the same process to lower the screen. Maybe not the most practical feature, but is it cool? YES

Edit: Same goes for Strv103, which has a similar flotation screen


I completely agree, that’s another great example of vechiles which need some new mechanics/better functionality as they loose some of it due to the limitations, which to be honest, take a big part of the fun parts of the game

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I don’t see it why it couldn’t work as with the existing Ka-Chi and have it as a research modification. Just make it as a researchable module and that’s it, but compared to Ka-Chi you even receive lesser modification to the base vehicle.


I totally agree, that’s the point, such things already exist in the game

I don’t know if this will help, but there’s a picture on an old forum of you sailing on the water without a snorkel. (It’s a machine translation, so the English might be suspect.)

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Sorry to correct you, it might be more appropriate to say “smaller snorkel” than “no snorkel”

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That’s again another proof that such things were possible, even tho this would not go trough as it would require precise weight limitations. Nevertheless I see nothing against adding a modification for the snorkel, and if needed, exhaust drum extension

Update on the topic

Thanks go to @tekenihonrikugun and @florisekcz11

Video material proof of the Ikv traversing water with just screens on the engine and exhaust and a flap in the front. Video Material

As seen in the video, a fully combat capable model is shown firing rounds while floating.

A less loaded Ikv 91 could use a snorkel without the need for a exhaust extension drum

With that being said, we have a complete set of proof for the amphibious capability of the vehicle.


From the moment I unlocked the vehicle I was stunned in a test drive to see it sink to the bottom… When It’s so CLEARLY AMPHIBIOUS - Just the shape alone made no sense to me BUT FOR AMPHIBIOUS USE! It’s not a troop Transport so why the long hull? Light armament… Everything about it made perfect sense to expect an amphibious design from it… I mean it’s so visually similar to so many BMPs etc… I was stunned that it “wasn’t” amphibious…! According to Gaijin… Who, Sadly for us, don’t seem to care AT ALL to do ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!


AND IF YOU ASKED ANYONE ON THE PROJECT ABOUT THIS or any military expert… I’m sure they would confirm what’s… already been confirmed… THAT SOMETHING DESIGNED THAT WAY - WAS DONE SO TO BE AMPHIBIOUS! - PERIOD! !!!

When just looking at the design! Which MADE LITTLE SENSE OTHERWISE! And of course, they would care for this… Look at how many islands Sweden has… It’s one of its greatest defensive capacities against any hypothetical Russian invasion by sea… I’m actually stunned there aren’t more Sweedish Amphibious vehicles, to be honest given the importance of that in many defensive roles…

Glad to know I’m SANE!!

and Gaijin…

Every day further from knowledge of this post … Seems to choose to remain…

The opposite…

What’s the word… Oh yeah: Insane!

I guess they don’t want to add a little mod to the… Hmm… OH YEAH MODS SECTION! To allow that addon for full amphibious use… Or just forget it … realize its made for it… And not require it to just simply float… Take the lazy way out to remotely capture ANY OF THE DESIGN INTENTIONS OF THIS VEHICLE!