Ikv 90 camouflage "Carola"

This should be a in-game skin



Here is a Bkan bouqette,


Make a suggestion for it! :)

I just made my first and found it to be very easy, just need to give a little background to it

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I have no idea what background this has, probably just some crew that was doing their time that had some fun.

Lol. Then just make one for the decal. I’m sure you can figure something out for it

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Here is another one:

Lol I’d like that decal in game

How? You and Zyranovos are the peak of Swedish main players here in forums.

I’ve searched for this camouflage in WT Live // Best camouflages for the past week but nothing.

As it uses the same digital/polygonal camouflage pattern, why not a inscription, would be better than just a camouflage for a specific vehicle.

But would be lovely as event vehicle, just saying 🤫.

I’ve also tried to search the image on Lens but also no success. Can you share where did you find this image?

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I dont know about peak Swedish main but, yea would make for a cool Decal.