iKlwa (TRT-30)

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During the 2006 African Aerospace and Defence expo (AAD), BAE Land Systems OMC unveiled the iKlwa. fitted with the unmanned turret developed by South African defence firm IST dynamics which formed part of BAE Land Systems OMC at the time. The iKlwa was promoted as an upgrade for the Ratel which featured a new powerpack and modified hull. The new engine which is fitted to the iKlwa is the turbocharged Cummins ISL, mounted towards the front left providing more room for the troops and increased performance. The hull of the iKlwa featured a new hydraulicly operated rear door which allowed troops to enter the vehicle from the rear. The SANDF (South African National Defence Force) would hover not adopted the iKlwa due to Badger already being selected under project “Project Hoefyster” to replace the Ratel. This would however not be the end of the iKlwa as it would make an appearance again in 2012 ahead of the African Aerospace and Defence expo (ADD), this time featuring a new lightweight and cost-effective turret, known as the TRT-30MK (Tactical Remote Turret). The turret featured a dual feed 30mm 2A42 cannon as its primary weapon and a 7.62mm FN MAG as the secondary. The turret also featured a stabilised thermal imaging sight, a laser range finder and smoke grenades.




Main Armament: one 30mm 2A42 (400 rounds)

Secondary armament: one 7.62mm FN MAG (1000 rounds)

Elevation: -15º to +55º

Engine: Cummins ISL turbocharged

Horsepower: 450hp (336kW)

Top Speed: 110km/h

Transmission: RENK HSV106 (6-speed automatic)

Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Smoke grenades: Yes

Thermal sights: Yes

Laser range finder: Yes


Primary Sources:

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BAE Land systems OMC (iKlwa) brochure
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Secondary Sources:

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