IJN Mutsu: Setting New Standards!

Meet the IJN Mutsu, which was the second of two Nagato-class battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the aftermath of WWI. Being the first battleships to equip 16’’ main guns, Mutsu is sure to redefine battleship standards in War Thunder naval battles!

IJN Mutsu: A Rank VI Battleship for Japan


  • Enormous 410 mm main battery.
  • Decent armor protection.
  • Light AA protection.
  • Decent mobility.

Vehicle History

As part of the naval rearmament program leading up to and during WWI, the Japanese navy was constructing a number of new battleships and battlecruisers, incorporating the latest technologies. IJN Mutsu was one of these ships, being ordered into construction in June 1918 and seeing completion in 1921. Along with her sistership, IJN Nagato, they were the first warships in the world to be fitted with 16’’ cannons, which greatly increased their firepower and range. Being subject to several upgrades and modernizations in the interwar period, Mutsu entered WWII as one of the most powerful battleships in the world. However, this warship only saw limited combat action and was tragically lost in 1943 while at port due to a catastrophic magazine detonation which destroyed the ship and caused many losses.

Meet IJN Mutsu!

In War Thunder, Mutsu will be the new top battleship that will be awaiting you in the next major update, Alpha Strike! Being among the last and most advanced battleships constructed for the IJN before the outbreak of WWII, Mutsu brings with it notable upgrades over preceding designs, the most important of which we’ll cover in today’s devblog. Ready to dive straight in?

While appearing quite similar to older Japanese battleship designs on the surface, Mutsu actually represents a major step forward. Much of that can be traced back to the ship being fitted with an incredibly powerful primary battery consisting of eight 16’’ (410 mm) cannons. You’ll not only be able to engage targets more reliably at a greater distance, but the increased shell weight will also result in improved ballistic properties as well as increased damage potential upon landing a successful hit.

Download Wallpaper:

In addition to this, Mutsu traditionally features decent protection, with its most critical components and modules being shielded with up to 305 mm of steel armor. A high crew count rounds off Mutsu’s good survivability and ensures that this battleship can absorb enemy damage and stay in the fight for longer than other ships.

Interesting: Upon its release, Mutsu’s primary guns will become the largest caliber weapon available in War Thunder!

Mutsu will arrive to the game in its early configuration, meaning that this battleship can’t boast about excellent anti-air protection and is reliant on its allies for robust defense against aerial threats. Lastly, with all that firepower and armor, this battleship may claim an impressive displacement but this does come at the cost of maneuverability. So plan your tactical maneuvers some time in advance. On the other hand, being fitted with an improved propulsion system means that Mutsu is able to attain a top speed of 26.5 kts (49 km/h), thus being faster than some of its predecessors.

In your matches by Igor, Naval Game Designer: “IJN Mutsu is an evolution of the Kongō-type battlecruisers / fast-battleship of the Japanese navy of the interwar period. Using armor-piercing main caliber shells and increased gun reloading speed, you’ll be able to achieve better results in battle. Its armor may not be enough to consistently hold off 14-15” battleship shells as well as the fire of post-war battlecruisers, so minimize the hits you receive by maintaining a maximum distance if possible in combat.

IJN Mutsu will soon be joining the top rank of the Japanese navy’s Bluewater fleet with the release of the Alpha Strike major update. In the meantime, be on the lookout for more news regarding the upcoming update. Until then, calm seas and happy hunting!


absolutely gorgeous, i don’t play naval but ships like these make me so happy

The great Big Seven is here!
I wonder if Nelson and Colorado will be in the next update, I hope all the ships of the Big Seven will be seen in the game!


An understatement, to say the least.

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there’s like 12 capitol ship classes missing from the british tree for ww1 era

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I feel sorry for the Japanese, HMS hood is very hard to play with the shell dispersal nerfs with 15 inch guns. I’m guessing 16 inch guns are gunna be nerfed even further. Good luck hitting anything past 8km

More suprising we havent seen the R class or Queen Elizabeth class yet, when the Bayern is on par with the R class

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I am not going to lie, it is disappointing to see Germany get Scharnhorst, Bayern, Sachsen; U.K Hood, now Japan Nagato… and then seeing the state of the U.S Navy.

Battleships with fully exposed and unprotected ammo racks, nearly as slow reload (40 seconds vs 25 seconds) with worse guns and shells… when will the U.S be thrown a bone and other nations stop getting more, bigger and better ships while the frigging U.S remains underdog ingame because its not given proper counterparts?

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Are the sub-cannons not armored?

Why would Igor tell a lie like that? Mutsu isn’t related to Kongo at all except for both ships being Japanese.


Idk, i dont have issue with Hood´s guns, in naval EC i had no issue scoring hit on 20km and oneshotting the enemy. And the dispersion is actually good, as all shells are not hitting same spot,so they cause more damage.

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I’ve had entire salvos miss at 12km before with shells landing either side of the target. Maybe it’s been improved recently. But I rarely engage targets past 10km because the shell dispersal is so bad

It’s grand to see the Nagato class super dreadnought battleship finally added after all this time but I feel like this is repeating in that japan once again gets the big bad heavy hitters likely for a few months before another tree gets similar sized armament (I’m hinting back to when the Ise class ship Hyūga was added with the 14" cannons an no other ship was close for a few months).

Hmm, I still don’t get why the devs keeps adding the IJN prefix before most Imperial Japanese ships for of the 38 in game 36 have the prefix (Basically my biggest pet peeve in game).

I think I may try to finally getting around to getting these later 7.0 ships for Japan including the Mutsu this update but if the datamines hold true than I’ll put this off sadly.

and still can not pen the armour of Scharnhorst damnnn
i bet that only 18 inch gun of Yamato class can treat that insane vehicle

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Probably, why I’m hoping for the 14 inch armed HMS King George V instead of the 16 inch armed HMS Rodney because KGV has HE shells

is it will be next event’s reward?

Yeah they should leave Germany as it is, scharnhorst Vs yamato with the damage model of scharnhorst will still favour scharn

Meanwhile the largest navy has Arizona still 🤦‍♂️


*Current largest, in this period around WW1-Interwar it was behind the UK and ahead of Japan.

That said the US could do with a BB, but chances are this is one of the few BB’s Japan can look forward to unless Gaijin goes all out on the laid down rule and add’s some further laid-down ships for them.

I imagine the US will receive the Colorado soon enough which will likely fit the meta a touch better, although preferably the British QE and R class ships will be added first.

I imagine that is the justification behind it being after Kongo on the dev server…

Nevertheless I will probably make a suggestion that is be moved into another line after it drops for sure in the Kongo line. But it has absolutely no reason to be in the BC line.