IJA Soukou-Tei Prototype No.2 "Kachidoki"

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Kachidoki / 勝鬨

Kachidoki (left) and Highspeed Boat Ko (HB-K, right)


Kachidoki was Japanese armored boat to support landing boats.
It was second prototype of Soukou-Tei build 1930.
Kachidoki(勝鬨) means “shout of victory”.

The first prototype, Sakigake had a problem that it is danger to cruise offshore due to high center of gravity. Because of it, they expanded hull to increase stability. In addition, engine was replaced from Gasoline engine to Diesel engine, 6.5mm single MGs was replaced to 7.7mm twin MG, and 37mm gun was replaced to 57mm tank gun.

The first battle of Soukou-Tei “Kachidoki” was landing operation to 七了口 during January 28 incident (First Shanghai Incident) in 1932.
In this incident, Japanese side had only Shanghai Special Landing Party and reinforcement of Landing Parties from warships. Because of it, Japanese army decided to land 11th Division to backward of enemy.
It was first modern amphibious operation for Japanese with 21x Shohatsu landing craft, 6x Daihatsu landing craft, 1x Kosoku-Tei Ko recon boat and 1x Soukou-Tei armored boat.
Shohatsu were carried by two small cargo ships, and Soukoutei and Daihatsu were towed by small steamship.
They supported by destroyer’s bombardment and naval aircraft’s air support. However, it was difficult to shelling by destroyers near landing forces, so landing support ships were very helpful.
Kachidoki provided fire support to suppress Chinese coastal troops, and hide landing crafts with smoke screen. Also, landing crafts used machine guns, too. (Shohatsu have machine gun port)

This landing operation was a huge success, with one division landing but only two men killed.

Kachidoki was excellent ship, but IJA did not satisfied her performance. In August 1931 they tested Kachidoki at Totoro, Miyazaki. Following to this result, they build third Soukou-Tei, No.3. It become production model and finally 24 boats were built.


General layout of Kachidoki is similar to Sakigake, but weapons were upgraded greatly.
Also, turret shape is quite unique.

  • Bow main gun was replaced to 57mm Type 90 tank gun.
  • Machine guns were replaced to 7.7mm Type 89 swivel machine gun.
  • Engine was replaced diesel engine (model unknown)

Fairey Kikaku’s scale model kit of Kachidoki

Uncertain photo of Soukou-Tei
Turret type seems same as Kachidoki, but position of turret and bridge design seems similar to No.3 class.
It will be good reference to make 3D model of Kachidoki’s turret.


  • Length: 20 m
  • Weight: 20 t
  • Engine: diesel engine
  • Weapon
    • 1x 57mm Type 90 tank gun (bow)
    • 2x 7.7mm Type 89 swivel machine gun (front of steering room / stern)


Type 90 5.7 cm Tank Gun / 九〇式五糎七戦車砲

Type 90 5.7cm Tank Gun is main gun of Type 89 Medium Tank.
It have slow velocity but have large capacity of explosives. Effective range is very short and it is difficult to hit it, but it have enough power to destroy boats.

Type 89 Swivel Machine Gun / 八九式旋回機関銃

Type 89 Swivel Machine Gun is Japanese army bomber’s standard defensive gun. It is based upon 11th Year Type Light Machine Gun, but it can use large 7.7x58mm Type 89 cartridge. Also, hopper is expanded to insert 20 clips / 100 rounds per each barrel. (Original 11th Year Type LMG’s hopper can contain 6 clips / 30 rounds)

For War Thunder

It will be good upgrade of Sakigake. Weapons are mostly same as Soukou-Tei No.3, but weapon layout is different.
Also, unique design of turret seems cute!


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