IJA Experimental Armored Boat "ST-tei" : Japanese cute gunboat!

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ST艇 / ST-tei

Photo of ST-tei, taken by Mitsubishi heavy industries

History & Design

ST-Tei is Japanese army’s experimental river gun boat build 1937.

It was developed for support river crossing operation and patrol during the Second Sino-Japanese war.

Hull was developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Yokohama Shipyard (三菱重工業横浜船渠), engine and bogie was developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tokyo Machine Factory (三菱重工業東京機器製作所), and turret was developed by Tokyo Diesel Automobile Industries (東京ヂーゼル自動車工業).

Shape of turret was similar to Japanese tankette, Te-Ke and equipped with Type 98 37 mm tank gun. This tank gun was improved model of Type 94 37 mm tank gun with increased velocity.

Engine was unknown 150HP diesel engine.

Armor thickness of ST-Tei is unknown, but it was called Soukou-Tei (Armored Boat), so it would have bulletproof steels to prevent infantry guns and rifles.


  • Length: 11.0 m
  • Width: 2.0 m
  • Depth: 1.10 m
  • Weight: unknown
  • Speed: 9.65 kt (17.87 km/h)
  • Engine: 1x 150HP diesel engine
  • Main gun: 1x Type 98 37mm tank gun
  • Armor: Probably same as Soukou-Tei (4~7 mm armor)
  • Number of build: 1
  • Builder: MHI Yokohama shipyard
  • Operator: Imperial Japanese Army



For Game


  • Very cute
  • Armored
  • Small silhouette


  • Only one weapon
  • Slow

In game, it can be Rank I gunboat. This interesting design boat will be good for gift or event boat.


佐山次郎, 2011 「日本陸軍の火砲 歩兵砲 対戦車砲 他―日本の陸戦兵器徹底研究」光人社

ISBN-13 : 978-4769826972



That is the cutest little boat I have ever seen. I don’t care how crummy it performs, I love it. +1

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