"Igla can't do it, so obviously western tech can't"

“For other MANPADS systems, open sources indicate a higher overload such as 18, 20 and even 25g in the case of the Mistral 1 MANPADS. However, these MANPADS systems have only slight differences in the area of aerodynamic surfaces compared to the 9M39, so a multiple increase in average achievable overload compared to the 9M39 cannot be expected.”

Nice to finally have confirmation that memes regarding that are actually how Gaijin thinks.


Every system so far brought to Ukraine has been proved to be superior to any Russian equivalent except for tanks(Due to external factors) and for some reason Gaijin still bases their arguments from the strength of russian tech.

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Nah even with tanks, the 2A5s in the field have walked all over their adversaries and the M2A3s have proven to be superior to their BMP counterparts in nearly every respect.

If the 300K+ casualties are anything to go by and the massive loss of equipment, yeah Russia cannot compete.

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russian gear is still untouchable in the turret throwing challenge


that why after the war started no one buy their garbage again it already proved itself how bad it is.

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I’ll leave you to decide where we are on the lazerpig loop :

But yes, the manpad post is particuly egregious. They’re saying the russians used bang-bang control so everyone else must, ignoring the fact there’s a reason people don’t use it and the west moved past it many, many years ago.

Also, noone really wants to buy Russian tanks. Russian tanks are for people who aren’t allowed, are unable, or are just can’t afford western equipment. A possible exception is India for geopolitical reasons, but I belive they are moving away from it after Russia literally stole their tanks to send to Ukraine.


you’re being deliberately obtuse here, the point of their post was to show that it’s kinematically impossible for the stinger to hit 30g in the same way that the game calculates G-overload. It’s likely that the manufacturer used a different method of calculating G-overload, as there are several ways to do it, you can use the G load of the manoeuvring target as an example, or include the acceleration of the missile from it’s rocket booster in the calculation. Gaijin uses purely the lateral G load of the missile.
They went into decent detail into how they calculated the 13Gs they ended up going with, and it’s fine if you have a reasonable argument as to why they’re incorrect, but stale memes and le russian bias don’t constitute an argument

Their calculations are "Igla do that amount of g’s, and designs are similar, so western tech can’t be better’

muh patriotism

No, the issue is not the method Gaijin is using. The problem is that they are assuming that Bang-Bang controllers work just as well as PID, and that therefore the Stinger and Mistrals couldn’t hit higher G’s because of the limitations of Bang-Bang even though they don’t use Bang-Bang.

We are not talking about calculated G’s here, we’re talking about the technical components of the Iglas just straight up using a worse method of course correction than the Stinger and Mistral. Bang-Bang causes the Iglas to jerk around a lot, which severely limiting its G capabilities. The Mistral and Stinger use PID, which creates smooth curves that cause less stress on the materials due to not messing with momentum a whole bunch like Bang-Bang does. Visual representation below:

Drawing 2023-12-27 17.20.25.excalidraw