If the F-5C can have flares because its the same airframe as the F-5E, then so can the Jaguar

The Jaguar GR.1 and GR.1A are not separate planes/airframes but rather the same airframe upgraded, this mirrors the justification behind the F-5C getting flares, furthermore the Jaguar is a whole lot worse flight-performance wise than the F-5C. If the Jaguar GR.1 received flares, it wouldn’t take away from the main reason for grinding the Jaguar GR.1A which is the higher bomb load whilst retaining the ability to carry air to air missiles (shoulder pylons) and the GBU’s.

Essentially the Jaguar GR.1 could mount flares but it was the GR.1A after that upgrade.

For this reason the Jaguar GR.1 should receive flares as it isn’t able to perform whilst having to constantly use rockets to try and dodge missiles and loses energy faster due to being a delta with an equally underpowered engine.


You do realize that

  1. The F-5C doesn’t carry flares because it’s the same airframe as the F-5E, especially since the F-5E has countermeasures installed in a completely different way.
  2. The F-5C has them still as it’s a premium aircraft, American F-5’s never used them in that matter though from what I recall other users did though that isn’t an excuse for it.
  3. It would make no sense to give the Gr.1 countermeasures on the basis it got them with the Gr.1a when the Gr.1a is already in the game, and gaijin doesn’t give vehicles things based of succeeding variants of a vehicle getting certain things but what the vehicle for the most part had. But as you said it was the the Gr.1a which had countermeasures, not the Gr.1 so no it cannot get countermeasures, it’s a completely different variant, it’s like saying the harrier Gr.1 should have countermeasures based on the Av-8A despite the fact that it was never capable of it and the Av-8A countermeasures are in a pod that was given to it in service and not at the start.

My apologies i meant the F-5A, this is the quote from Smin: ‘The F-5C is an a F-5A family aircraft. All F-5A aircraft were possible to retrofit with countermeasures.’ All Jaguar GR variants were possible to retrofit with countermeasures, the difference is they fly a whole lot worse than an F-5 aircraft in any variant i can imagine in-game or not.

I understand that it receives premium bias or favouritism or whatever but I’m simply drawing parallels between the two.

The F-5A and E are both in game so it makes no sense for the F-5C to have countermeasures other than it would get kurbstomped without them, just like the Jaguar GR.1 does.

Its not a different airframe, its the same airframe upgraded. the GR.1 and GR.1A designations weren’t used until the upgrade

Its a different nation’s jet, this is the same nation, with the same jet, which was modified to carry flares. The GR.1 and GR.1A would still be different in weapons payload and weapons systems, flight performance thanks to the upgraded engines, it would just make the Jaguar, which by the way is not foldered despite the concession that they are the same airframe, playable.

There’s no reason to have two 10.3 Jaguars.
If Jag GR1 received incorrect flares, and thus became 10.3, then there’s even less reason to play it over GR1A.

I agree, the Jaguar should stay where it is, but with flares.

Absolutely, but its not a good airframe, it is just barely supersonic, it drifts a lot but doesn’t actually pull anywhere, and its best missile as of current is the AIM-9G, by giving it flares which technically it could be retrofitted with, as in the case of the F-5C it would just be a little more playable than having to hope rockets do the trick. It wouldn’t need to go up because even for 9.7 it doesn’t fly well

It’s quite literally the same reasoning as the F-5C.

Then it doesn’t receive flares, or it has its Aim-9Gs removed & replaced with 9Ds or worse.

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I’m confused, it carried 9G’s in service?

I understand the harsh reality is that it would go up although i see no reason why it should, but you quite literally cannot go within 5KM of any US or Russian attacker, you aren’t fast enough to get to bases, and you will get murdered by literally anything at the BR if you find yourself needing to turn.

If it is an option with the same justification as an aircraft already in-game then I see no reason why it shouldn’t receive flares, given that really it needs them.

Skill issue, i used Jaguars with a fighter payloads of 2x AAM, and it is good enough when you know how to play it.

Have 2.2 KD on Jaguar A (the only i dared to play)

The Jaguar A has flares and as a result does not need to outpull AIM-9E’s whilst dropping throttle and spamming rockets until you have 540KMH IAS. The airframe is relatively weak but it’s not useless I can get kills when i can get into a position that makes it viable (1v1 no other missile armed enemies and certainly no all-aspect missiles).

You don’t need to out pull AIM-9E,…

They’re easily dodgable without loosing such speed.