If the F-16C has sparrows despite it was not designed to, why are some aircraft missing REAL armament?

the f16a block 10 is one hell of a dogfighter, however it has very mediocre missiles (yeah yeah r60’s are worse but those with r60s above 11.3 have the best radar missiles in game as such 24r’s and 27er’s) and the f16a block 10 could guide sparrows (the last ones in service are danish and they have also IFF) so if the game likes to set fictional armament and fictional aircraft why do we have to cope with this? Why are some aircraft missing armament options? This not only applies to us made jets, but also Mirages are missing magic 2s (though their performance albeit good is still not enough to bump their BR 0.7 solely because of their all aspect ordnance), the Swedes don’t deserve the Viggen to have aim7e2’s at 11.7. ETC.