If the aim9X was ever added what would a russian counterpart be would it be R74M2?

what it be a r74m2?

To answer your question: yeah kinda. The AIM-9X blk 1 has a 90° off boresight capacity and a very good IRCCM. The R-74M2 has 75° of boresight. I don’t know how good the IRCCM is. From what I can tell the R-74M2 does not have a smokeless motor and as such is inferior to the X-ray in that regard.


Man the US really changed the game with the aim9x, a huge upgrade over the aim9m. I don’t see it being added next year because of how op it would be.

im pretty sure the blk 1 is 60gs the blk 2 is 90gs

yeah, late blocks AIM-9M (M-8 for the Navy, M-9 for the Air Force) should definitely be able to remain relevant against the R-73M and the standard R-74 whenever those come into the game

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lmao is that you varg, and I used to be in Sneed too back in the based thunder discord days

And while you’re correct, it’s very well possible they might release it anyway, remember that we had to use r60ms a vastly worse (and now after the drag nerfs completely useless) missile compared to aim9ls. They may very well do something out of left field and make the aim120 ass compared to the r77 and add aim9x to compensate.

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The US was severely lacking in the IR missile department, having gotten quite the rude shock at just how capable the R-73E was during testing with German MiG-29 pilots. 9X was developed in response.

While initially the 9X proved a worthy global competitor, it has fallen behind again when paired up against contemporaries such as the IRIS-T, MICA-IR, Python 5 and AAM-5s even when taking into account the later blocks of 9xs.

It’s a great missile on it’s own merits and I look forward to having it game in like a year or two at this rate.

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Some one forgot ASRAAM

I also didn’t add PL-10 cause the list goes on and on.

I wait for ASRAAM on anything

If they do ever add an Australian A/B/C Legacy Hornet, it would mount ASRAAMs as well.

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how about an IR guided R-77?
or god forbid, the Passive one?