If playable aircraft carriers came to war thunder, how would you like them to be implemented?

so, i plan to make a suggestion regarding playable aircraft carriers, and how they would function ingame, but did not know of a way to phrase it without making it look like my personal opinion, so i was curious how the community would like them implemented. whether it be through some sort of aircraft launching system, or a kind of support role, i would like to see peoples opinions on it. and don’t start a rant on whether they will come to the game or not, cause this is not what its about, its a discussion on how you feel it should be implemented if it were to come to the game.

if you want to ask the question if it should come to the game or not, feel free to start your own topic.

Hi, you might be interested in learning that the controls for player aircraft carriers were added to the files recently !( Aircraft Carriers - WT Discussion - #43 by Motherhen357 )

We’ve been discussing the finds in the above-linked thread, if you’d like to see some other players opinions on player AC mechanics we’re there.

I guess you get an airwing of bot planes to direct at some victim WoWs style. But since this is WT and it pretends at realism… you have to wait until you can sortie them, so 1 every 20 seconds or so. I guess you can make it a rearm point for friendly air. And maybe you can take over a certain number of planes, like in the single player games.
Really only fits for EC, in regular naval games, they are so shortranged, you’ll get “Glorious-ed” nearly every single game even if you spawn in the corner of the map.

I can’t see any way to implement playable carriers in WT as it is right now.


The maps would have to be increased to 40km, but then everyone would fall asleep, so I guess it can’t be added to the game

The only way I see such ships coming is if they’re Seaplane Tender, Aviation Cruisers & or Light/Escort carriers.

Those are the three types I can see working not those larger fleet carriers, & add in the old AI flight group mechanics from the SP campaigns & the floatplane catapult system currently in game then maybe a rudimentary ordering system/ flight route planner map like outta Battlestations series along with an armament selector as well.

I reckon they could easily work from 3.3 onwards considering how absolutely powerful AA is in game.

So what would that look like? Seriously - step us through what features they would have, how they would work in the game??

Those 3 types are normally kept even further from any likely action than larger carriers AFAIK.

Well for Seaplane tenders the US & JP win this especially Japan example with the Chitose class with a forward battery of four 127 mm cannons for either defence or offensive an carries a large quantity of F1M’s & E13A’s which can be used to bombs ships then return to reload if they survive.

The vessel is heavy at 15000 tonnes but makes 28kts & could either have a destroyer or cruiser spawn.

HMAS Albatros a 4500 tonne ship with the capability of nine aircraft which could make 22kt & had an armament of four 4.7" cannons, two Pom-Pom’s & crap load of 7.7 mm MG’s.

There’s also the Clemson class conversions which only had a few 3" cannons & LAA but iirc carried one floatplane.

These ships could be the earliest options if wanted most will essentially imo play out like the Abdiel class Minelayers but have the option to deploy aircraft for bombing/torpedo attack run, could cap points an scout for torpedo spreads.

Aviation Cruisers, Pre 1944 AA Refit Tone class as example carries six E13A’s & or the Ōyodo class with E13A’s & E15’s.

They will preform action as a general cruiser by can launch floatplanes for bombing runs & defence against certain enemies.

And if we go really far with this option things like the Project 1143 Kiev class Heavy Aviation Cruiser Baku could be added up around 7.0+ equipped with twelve Yakovlev Yak-38’s armed with FAB-100’s but the cruiser itself barring the P-700 AShM’s would be a formidable ship with it’s 2× AK-100’s, 8× AK-630’s, 4× RBU-6000 & 10× torpedo tubes. (odd thing this thing is modelled internally like crazy as motherhen has pointed out in several threads already).

Light carriers,

Generally sub 20000 tonnes take example the HMS Hermes has 20 aircraft & a good defence against other ships & aircraft.

MAC ships as an even lighter 8000-12000 tonnes option making 12kts an carries three to five aircraft but gets mostly a lone 4" an either Bofors or Oerlikons or both as AA.

Hōshō at 9700 tonnes at 25kts with light armament of 25 mm AA & some 8cm AA cannons & 15 aircraft.

The USS Langley at 13000 tonnes an 15kts carries around 30 odd aircraft an has a somewhat powerful defence.

You could also put forward the HMS Vindictive pre 1923 as a carrier that can defend itself but the aircraft will be weaker then most.

These sorts would either hide away as some players would while others would push with their forces an launch attacks against enemy ships, It’s all up to the players what they would do.

Now since the new forum bloody sucks on mobile I cannot highlight parts of comments but the last bit can applied quite a lot of ships in game mainly the escort ships since they’re generally away from heavy fighting an just screening merchants or other auxiliary ships across the vase seas yet suck incredibly in game when it comes to combat or are just patrol ships that get melted in under 30 seconds while doing barely any return damage.

These are mostly ships consisting up to the size of frigates atm but at least in WT aviation vessels would be able to fight with their armament unlike WoWS which tbh sucks imo for that game but since WT allows the control of most weaponry I wouldn’t be surprised seeing such vessels top of the scoreboards just using their cannons.

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IMO those are terrible justifications for having a/c carrying ships - that htey have enough armaments to stand toe-to-toe in a surface fight.

That’s not adding any game play or anything unique.

You touched on aircraft landing and rearming very briefly - IMO that is the only gameplay they might add, and you should expand that, not write screeds about how they can fight as well as destroyers with their guns!

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Well the rearming part for flying boats & float planes could work in if they return they can land along side a ship and rearm next to them like how you can with carriers in the aviation parts of the game.

But for carriers either have a once you get nearby an order for aircraft to land themselves similar to like in Battlestations or the player is manually forced to land aircraft which depending on the player will see them lose aircraft at first but after a while the player will horne their landing skills to them having aircraft constantly.

Well my speaking of the armament comes from the often chit chat I see often that carrier vessels would be defenceless if they faught a destroyer or cruiser, So mentioning armament sees that it’s possible they could overcome a fight with their opposition.

An coming from personal thoughts quite often I’m using not my main armament to do battle but generally the secondary & tertiary batteries so as a comparison a aviation vessel might not be in a favourable place so they rely on their cannon armament over their main weaponry of aircraft.

That’s my thinking for such questions.