IDF-Tree Support

The IDF in general needs “a little” more attention to fill in gaps.
A single 9.7th tank, a single 10.3th AA that is a half disaster and only two 11.0th tanks …

Please give them the Merkava 3D on 11.0 for a playable 11.0 BR.
Other tanks for the IDF layout would be:
SPYDER AA on 11.0
Pereh 10.7 - 11.3
Merkava Mark IIC 9.3
Merkava Mark III BAZ 11.0
Merkava Mark III LIC 11.0 [Premium].
Namer 7.0 - 9.0 (+/-) (with reconnaissance function - the IDF practically lacks this completely)

Merkava Mark V (if the new tanks come in).


Oh yeah, my bad ^^

… but after the first Dev-Stream and -Server now, i don’t think we’ll get a AA that is usefull in Top-Tier …

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