Identifying a Chinese Naval Mounting

Namibia operates 2 Type 037IS corvettes. They were refitted before transfer from China, and had their main guns replaced. Instead of the twin 37mm, they have an unknown single-mount.

I’m pretty sure it’s a 37mm gun, but I’ve never seen this mount before. I’d like help in identifying it.


All the sources say 37mm… but the muzzle brake looks a lot like the ex-soviet 57mm S60, and it appears to be a lot longer than the existing Chinese 37’s

Hmmm maybe, but I don’t think so. From a few more pics and videos I’ve seen, it looks top loaded, which the 57mm isn’t.

There’s a scene where the gun is fired in this video at 0:54. It fires a very quick burst, much higher than the rof of either the 37mm or 57mm. The barrel is shown in more detail too, but I don’t know my modern autocannons enough to identify it from that. Kinda resembles a 30mm oerlikon? So maybe it’s a Western mount after all?

Denel GA-35?
Mount reminds me a little of their eGlas ground-based system, but with a single feed

Interesting - that burst appears to not require clips to be loaded in the top.

the Type 76 37mm gun is belt loaded, and there is a version that is in a single open topped turret - Type 76 (H/PJ-76) - see 37mm Type 76 - Shipbucket Wiki - couldn’t find an identified illustration of it thos - all the searches find enclosed turrets.

Definitely don’t think it’s the Denal, looks too different.

Hmm, the Type 76 could be it. If only we could find a photo of a single open mount to confirm.

So I did some sleuthing in Chinese blogs. Couldn’t find a photo of a single-mount, but one says the Namibian guns are 37mm, while another says that a belt-fed single-mount was developed but not put in service.

None of them give the single-mount a name, but it’s likely this is the one that’s mentioned. Would make sense for it to be an export thing too.

BTW the open Type 76 mount is actually a twin mount.

OK lol, I was researching some other things and I found a Japanese page on Chinese CIWS, with this

It says it’s a new gun, rather than a development of the old 37mm 70-K, and “The new 37mm single cannon is a machine gun whose existence was revealed at the 2005 Beijing International Police Exhibition.” Unfortunately the gun name is still unknown.

Additionally the Chinese coast guard ship Haijing 1001 is equipped with it.

So I guess that settles it.

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Also found photos of it in that 2005 exhibition

Could also be 50mm rounds