Ideas how to make tungsten subcaliber shells both balanced and realistic

Threads where we collect historical data to determine the exact performance of these shells will never amount to anything, unless implementing those changes will not break the game balance completely. Gaijin is never gonna un-nerf the APCR if every player will be allowed to take a full load of this ammo in battle. Therefore the game needs some mechanic to limit it’s use. Ideas?

Possible solutions that I can see:

  1. Limit the maximum amount of apcr/sabot shells (except on tanks where it’s the main AP shell) that can be carried at once and not allow to replenish them during the battle on caps.

  2. Make them cost SP to load, like ordnance on planes. So, for example, the tank with 20 APCRs will cost you 100 SP more to spawn.

What do you think?

So you want people to pay for a shit shell?
I really don’t know what you’re getting at here.
This doesn’t make it balanced at all or realistic.
The best approach would just be to stop them shattering for 0 reason, then they are balanced.

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BRs exist for a reason.
1- Unrealistic & not needed.
2- Unrealistic & not ndeeed.

BRs exist for a reason.

I think he’s proposing a way to make HVAP/APCR balanced if it performed historically. If the rounds throw more shrapnel than a wet fart and had their irl penetration then having a way to limit the amount of ‘super ammo’ tanks can bring to battle would be interesting.

Gaijin had accurate APCR performance once in a dev server, but that was quickly abandoned.


Well, it wouldn’t be bad at all, since in WW2 tungsten bullets were quite limited and they didn’t take more than 5 or 6, so it would be curious to limit them to a maximum of 10 bullets but giving them real damage, which being pure tungsten when penetrating it would cause more damage than an APHE.

They weren’t pure tungsten, they were Tungsten Carbide, usually with a Cobalt or Nickel binder metal.

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Ok, thanks for the information, but well, I still have the same thing, they are projectiles that, when they pierce a certain armor, fragment into a large number of pieces that bounce at high speed and temperature throughout the interior of the entire tank.

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This is true. I’ve been considering making a thread here revolving around tungsten carbide-cored projectiles. I’d done one on the old forums some time ago. But, I’ve got a lot more information since then. I’ve also found or received a lot of ammunition HVAP/APCR or APDS ammunition diagrams since then.

At the OP, I know some people have issues with the core shattering after penetrator one plate. It is technically correct. I think it’s still a bit overstated at the moment though.


APCR generally costs the most out of the available rounds for a vehicle. That’s enough balance for me.

Gaijin has never had the correct pen for APCR. It’s just another long standing issue they can’t seem to get right, or don’t want to get right.


I think that it would be good to modify the first generation APDS and APCR in WW2, making it possible to only carry a maximum of 10, since in reality they were very limited bullets and there were cases in which they only carried 2 or 3 bullets. that type, but they would also have to be modified, giving them immense damage and also calculating how much armor is needed for the projectiles to break, since it is reasonable that if it is a box or a 5mm plate, a 5mm projectile should not break. tungsten, but if it is in 30mm, possibly yes.

Your last thread was really informative. I hope you can make a new one here with more information.

APCR/HVAP should just perform like full-caliber AP, but with greater penetration that its design affords it. Since APHE would still be the king due to its unrealistic fragmentation, I don’t think there needs to be a set limit on APCR/HVAP. Rather, it would give a reason to use a solid shot rather than a filler shot and allow nations with little to no filler shots (cough Britain cough) to perform more on par with their contemporaries.

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Btw, the limit on APCR shells will likely be different between individual guns based on their relative performance. Subcaliber shells that give a big advantage over standard ones will be available in lower quantities.

For example the US 76mm HVAP gives almost +100% penetration bonus over standard AP will be limited to about 5 shells per tank, while the much weaker soviet one will be much more plentiful.