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Ram Yoshino!!!



OMG, i guess one day we will get this, although i don’t l play navy.

Looks like an ironclad. What makes it so special? is it famous because some battle or…?

This particular ship was in a lopsided battle and when the captain saw that the battle was a clear loss with large casulties, he decided to try to ram his ship into one of the Japanese ships.

This is Chih Yuen protected cruiser.
See my post: ICN Zhiyuan(Chih Yuen) protected cruiser - China - War Thunder - Official Forum

Japanese mini submarines and torpedo boats captured in Taiwan

530, 531, 534, 538, 539, 540 would be repaired and go on to serve in the 3rd gunboat squadron. By 1949 only two were on the naval list and one remained. 850 was scrapped.

Not sure what the fates for the submarines (89 and 86) were, they don’t show up in the 1946 fleet list. (Also can’t figure out what the last character is under 86 89 - 待X?). 72 was scrapped.

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Planned Heavy cruiser design for the ROCN by Harima shipyard

Dimensions: 149,35 (pp) x 158,5 (wl) x 161,54 (oa) x 15,24 x 4,88 meters
Displacement: 6.000tons (standard)
Engines: 38.000shp Kampon Steam Turbines, 2 shafts
Range: 14.800km at 22km/h (8.000nm at 12knots)
Speed: 52km/h (28knots)
Armour: 25mm Deck, 51mm (25+25mm) over Machinery, 19mm over Magazines Belt
3x2 20cm/50 Type 3 / 3rd Year Type Guns
2x2 14cm/50 Type 3 / 3rd Year Type Guns,
2x2 12cm/45 Type 3 / 3rd Year Type Guns (for design of first pic),
4x1 76mm/40 Type 3 / 3rd Year Type DP-AA Guns,
4x1 12,7mm or 13,2mm AA Guns
2x3 533mm Torpedo Tubes
30x Depth Charges
2x Seaplanes, Aichi AB-3

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