Ice Cream Bucket Drop Chance

I come from World of tanks Game to this wonderfull game , but im so disapointed about prizes after you spent so much time to gind Silver Lions , you buy at least 100 x ice cream bucket and 100 spoon’s and start Consume , This is so frustrating , all i get was only orders , 8 or 9 boosters from over 6 milions spent .|
This is my pain. Some time ago i spent so much gold on these Rocky trophy and i get nothing , not any vehicle.
The EUROPEAN Law say something about casino games . If the customer pay real money , he will be compensated at a point, but here nothing happening.
Gaijin need to read more about European laws .
I invest more of 1k Euros here, and after every chest’s i got nothing. Is so frustrating.

Estimated odds from previous versions of this were about 500:1 for a vehicle, down from around 1000:1 the very first time. So you should expect to spend about 20 million SL to get a vehicle now (50% chance).

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You dont spend real money for that boxes. You spend SL, not GE. You just spend time for earn SL who serves for purchases this boxes.

The real money invested in the game is not for this boxes and the law cant be applied.

The case if different for update trophy who must necessite purchase key in the gaijin market with GJN who are credited with real money. It is for that the market is desactivated in Belgium.