I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Wheeled self-propelled Howitzer

I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Wheeled self-propelled Howitzer
Please help me fill in the missing information

The Rheinmetall wheeled howitzer provides rapid coming into/out of action and to leave the firing position swiftly, high rate of fire, increased firing range as well as enhanced precision through the use of the of the combat proven Rheinmetall 155mm L52 elevating mass and the use of JBMoU-compliant modular charges and projectiles. Core element of the wheeled howitzer is the fully automatic, electrically driven Artillery Turret with a digital controlled Ammunition Handling System. The link between the Artillery Turret and the highly agile Rheinmetall HX3 10x10 tactical truck is the Artillery Turret Platform with outriggers. The high degree of automation of the Artillery Turret allows a reduction of the crew to two persons. Received fire missions/commands are executed and monitored from the protected cabin without the crew having to leave the protection of the cabin.

As a mobility platform, the HX3 10x10 from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) is used. It leverages the heritage of the HX2 and the world’s largest military truck fleet. The HX3 combines the ability to cover long distances on its own, as well as to cope with difficult terrain in an agile manner. The HX3 10x10 has a high logistical commonality to the HX trucks already introduced in the German Army, e.g. UTF, WLS and GTF and several other countries including NATO members.

The HX3 has a modern electronic vehicle architecture and thus has a growth potential for remote-controlled (tele-operated) or semi-autonomous operation, e.g. with a platooning capability as a first expansion stage. Due to the 5,000kg free payload, the wheeled howitzer has additional system-inherent growth potential, which can be used as additional stowage space, e.g. for the integration of the L60 armament, for additional ammunition or an active protection system. The standardized open digital system architecture allows the integration into various command and weapon control systems.


  • Fully automated and unmanned Artillery Turret
  • Proven and in service, electrified and automated 155/L52 elevating mass, NATO JBMoU compliant
  • 40 ready-to-fire rounds in two magazines
  • Arc of Fire 360°
  • 8 rounds in 60 seconds, MRSI capability
  • Direct firing capability via electro-optical sensors
  • Needed crew of 2 personnel
  • Crew protected in cabin, full mission execution under protection
  • Highest off-road and on-road mobility due to the fully militarised tactical HX3 truck


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