I would like to do volunteer work for gaijin, anything it may be

I doubt anything will happen, but could I volunteer to do stuff for Gaijin or earn my way up to doing something like that or maybe earn my way up to being a mod or something, I doubt I will ever be a mod but I just want to help out Gaijin. :)

Hopefully a qualified person will respond, but I’d think a good start would just be by answering posts with helpful information and answers (to the ones you have knowledge/experience on). Try to be neutral, factual etc, not get caught up in flame wars, nonsense threads or memes. Then you could apply to be a Community Helper. Search up Community Helper for more info.

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I did have some posts up on the old forum and I try to help players when I can. I do admit I’m not the nicest person in chat sometimes but its nothing to bad and I’m trying to remember I want good rep with Gaijin if I want the job so I’ve not been doing that anymore, I tried not to do it in the first place sometimes i just do it without thinking about it lol :)

There are also other ways I can think of right now to volunteer:

  1. The wiki share program: I don’t know much about this but you basically add and improve on the wiki pages and are rewarded for the quality of your work etc. This leads many people to becoming part of the wiki team or another team after a while. You can read more about it on the official page here: WSP - War Thunder Wiki
  2. Apply for one of the positions that open. Game Masters, Suggestion moderators, Technical Moderators, Wiki moderators, and Forum moderators are all volunteer positions and when needed each group opens their door for new applicants. However this is only here and there when needed the most recent time when recruitment was opened think was last year when for Suggestion moderator and Game Masters. If you want more information about a particular group I would reach out to a senior position of that group or the Community Manager that is leading that group which can be found here: Who is who and Reporting Procedure
  3. As already stated by @Measured community helpers more of which can be found here:
    The Community Helpers