I was wondering what the quickest way to grind in jets

I’m trying to get the F-16AJ, and I am at rank V, I don’t want to spend the time it took me to get to rank VIII GB and I was just wondering if going purely air to air, or air to ground would be better,
I don’t have a premium account, and the only premium aircraft I can use is the A6M5 Ko, but that will be useless once I finish rank V

Sim EC.

I play sim EC most of the time, I just need to know the best tactic to use, I’m not great at dogfighting but I can certainly hold my own, would that be better than ground pounding or…?

Base bombing.

In case you haven’t noticed, Japan doesn’t have any “Base bombing” vehicles, none of their jets can destroy a base until the Phantoms, which are rank VII and VIII, I have another rank to complete before I get there

Only F-1 is good for base bombing = enough bombs. But it’s rank 6.

Yeah, I still have to finish researching the F-86F-40 (which I can do relatively easily with the A6M5 Ko), but after that I only have the rank V aircraft to research T-2, then the F-1. I still have to stock grind after that, so between air to air, and air to ground what one would get me more RP? And what gamemode should I play, I could play arcade, (more vehicles per game), RB (Better RP rewards), or SB (More activity rewards)

You can try AB if you can use more planes to grind one jet. In RB you get more RP and SL for one destroyed base than one destroyed player.

Yes, I know that, but as I don’t have any aircraft capable of bombing bases, what would I do?

In addition to destroying players, destroying AI jets and pillboxes.

Ok, so I prioritize ground pounding/ai

You can make tons of RP in EC in what aircraft you want. If bomber - drop on AF or destroy a base and stay alive for 15 minutes (best if you can land to rearm and repair). Don’t watch the mission score - it’s important only in events. In SIM you can finish the game with 10 000 mission points and earn only 1000 RP, as you can finish with 1000 MP and earn 10 000 RP. So make some damage and stay alive until “Useful Actions” message appears. Same if you uses a fighter or strike aircraft - destroy or damage something and stay alive for 15 minutes. Even if you die before the 15 minute timer you will receive a reward but less as when you stay alive.

What do people not understand about JAPAN DOESN’T HAVE ANY COMPETENT BOMBERS. Yes, I would bomb bases or airfields in EC if there were any bombers I could use. I know how to play EC. It is my favourite gamemode. I know how Useful Actions work. I want to know what the quickest way to grind is without using bombers, because Japan doesn’t have any.

Capture the A point then.

BTW Japan has enough capable bombers to destroy at least 1 base.

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Lol. Name a rank V bomber that Japan has. I’ll wait.

I’m at top tier ground with Japan and was thinking of grinding the air tree - it would be the first time I grind an air tree, because I don’t particularly enjoy low tier prop planes and getting to jets takes too long. I was considering base bombing, which should get me to rank V via the G5N1, but after that, it seems that not only are bombers totally gone - the planes available look quite trash too. My intuitive answer is to try out the Sabre with the total of ~700kg TNT bombs - how much load do you need to bomb a base? Is it around 1ton? Did you end up finding something?

1st: I have the AJ now :))
2nd: Sabre doesn’t get bombs for Japan (if I remember correctly)
But thank you!


I just made it to the T-2/F-104J and am working on the first phantom. Apparently both of those are capable of bombing bases quite readily, I’m experimenting with that now. Seems it’s quite easy to be the first on one or two bases and then get going merrily free of any weight and with 2 9ps on your side. Never bombed before, curious to see how it goes.

Bombing with T-2 was how i got the phantom, the phantom is amazing btw

Oh, really? everybody I talk to keeps claiming the phantom is utter dogwater, but looking at its stats and performance in videos it seems to be to just be a mediocre phantom with no dogfight sparrows and no slats, but is still an absolutely major improvement over F-1, F-104J or T-2. It is almost twice as heavy as the F-1 BUT STILL has a better thrust ratio, and similar max speeds to the Starfighter. I really hate the fact that it is a nerfed F-4E and sitting at 11.0 though. I wish it had Aim-9Ls or at least Aim-7F-2s - fuck the slats, at least give us the headon ammo…

60k RP before I get to try it out. Really looking forward to it. I’ve played the Starfighter a lot because I love being a missile bus and after a few days of that, I switched back to the F-1 just for the hell of it… and I feel like I’ve never seen a more maneuverable plane after all that mental torture :D

EDIT: Just met one of them in game, another guy calling it terrible and a mental torture :D I really wonder. They’re making it sound as if it can be any worse than the F-104J at 10.3…