I was Banned? Why? help!

I got banned said that I was banned by rule 3.2.3
I want to know who you made the decision? I used nothing autogame software. Anyone can explan to me how I god banned? persuade we.
I was a player from 2013 with warthunder, and you guys band a account with so much purchase value and give no reason? That did not make sense.

The name is not the problem i guess.

If its his language, the player can just taken own language. Probably there is a part of the forum with the right language to comunication.

My name is a very humorous was said I was slow and hard to make quick reaction. Anything base on just location and racism is conflicted with game rules.

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Stop being an Anti Tank Racist Pyotr.Not the first time from what I can see.

3.2.3. Offenses or insults on political opinion, racial, national, or religious origin or membership, ethnic background, sexual identity, gender identity, etc.

This is paragraph from the Gaijin rules so u propably got banned for ofenses

Here’s the link for rules War Thunder Specific Rules (gaijin.net)

Thats what you believe . But I ain’t .

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r EULA 3.2.3, which states “No Malicious or deceiving use of software which automates the game process (bots, mods), changes gameplay or functionality of the Game, grants an advantage over other players not using such software or otherwise gaming experience, whether yours or any other player’s;”

I did not use any of software which automates or cheating, and hardly speak in game, I wander why banned my account? Gaijin have you double checked or have and evdience? Something must be wrong.
So any administrator here to answer me plz?

Please contact Gaijin Support at https://support.gaijin.net
We cannot help you with account bans in the forums.

Good luck!

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