I want to move my gaijin acc to steam acc

I want to play with my steam account. I played for 8 months with my gaijin account and my friend said to me, “war thunder is playable in steam.” Now i want to play in steam WITHOUT VANISHING ANYTHING. It’s very easy to do thing. But i still can not understand, noone giving ANY INFORMATION about that.

“can not” is not answer.

actually it is because Gaijin removed the option to link Steam and Gaijin accounts.

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Just download steam. Then after a few battles you’ll have the option to log out of “steam” acc. Then log back in using you reg WT acc, plus now you get all the PC perks

I did but not have the option to log out of steam acc.

Hit your name at the bottom their should be a swiych account option


It should be under the nation flags

When i play with manual update yes switch user shown but when i join with steam acc. not shown just wrote email bind.

Realest response I’ve seen in a while.

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It is impossible to link Gaijin to Steam, but it is possible to link Steam to Gaijin.

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